Doctors, X-rays and a Little Frustration

Kelly Booth foot x-rayWhen I wrote about falling down the stairs, I said that I had gone to get x-rays of my foot. A couple weeks after I fell, my foot was bothering me a little bit so I thought I would get the x-rays to show Dr. N, the doctor that I see for my foot. I didn’t really think anything was wrong, but since that was the foot that I had the bone graft in, I just wanted to have him look at the x-rays. My regularly scheduled appointment was yesterday and I didn’t think it was necessary to move my appointment up. In fact, my foot has not been bothering me since I picked up the x-rays. When I was getting my stuff together yesterday, I felt stupid even taking the x-rays and even thought about not taking them.

I first met Dr. N in August, 2006 when I was doing HBO at the wound center I went to in Pittsburgh. Although he was not my doctor as far as my wound went, I was under his care in HBO. I knew from my experience with him in HBO and talking to some of his wound care patients in the waiting room, he was a very good doctor. His patients had a lot of respect for him. I started seeing him a little over 2 years ago at his office. He really cares about his patients and will go out of his way to help them. If you have a question about something, he takes his time to explain things. If you think differently about something than he does, he doesn’t belittle you because you have a different opinion. He is very knowledgeable. I wish everyone could have a doctor like him! His staff is just as helpful and caring as he is.

When I saw Dr. N yesterday afternoon, he looked at the x-rays. The doctor that did the x-rays asked me about my fifth metatarsal. That was actually one of the first breaks I ever had. He then told me everything looked good. When Dr. N looked at them, he also brought up my fifth metatarsal. Then he said something that surprised me. Dr. N said that I had arthritic spurs in my ankle. He pointed out on the x-ray what they were. I said I guess that explains why my ankle bothers me so much and he said yes. I had never heard that term before so after I got home, I consulted Dr. Google. Arthritic spurs are bone spurs (which I have heard of) caused by arthritis.

After I left Dr. N’s office yesterday, I had a second doctor’s appointment in Pittsburgh. My appointment was at 3:15 and it was 4:15 until someone finally called me back. It was a different nurse than had been there when I was there before. On the way back, she asked if I would be able to get on the scale and I said yes. When we got over to the scale, she even suggested I put the walker over the scale and stand on it that way. Once I was on the scale, then she told me to let go of my walker. Here we go again! I explained to her that my balance is really bad and I can’t stand without holding onto something. Her response was that she would not weigh me because it would not be accurate. I told her that I will never be able to stand without holding onto something, so if I can’t get weighed while holding onto something, that means I will go the rest of my life without getting on a scale. Where do they get these people from?

When we got back to the room, she sat down at the computer and starting asking me some questions. When she started on the allergies, she said, “You are allergic to Lasix.” Back I May, I wrote about electronic records and the nurse at the endork’s office putting some stuff in wrong – this was my 3rd time to this doctor and they still have not fixed that (just to be clear here, the doctor I saw yesterday is not the endork).  I told her I am not allergic to Lasix. I take a generic Lasix and I cannot use one brand because it has gluten in. I take a different brand. She looked at me with that deer in the headlights look and turned back to the computer and continued to ask me questions. Why bother fix something that is wrong? I hope that I never, ever land in a UPMC hospital!

After about another half hour wait, Dr. G came into the room. We were talking for about 10 minutes when he said, “Tell me again why you use a walker.”

I said, “Because I have neuropathy.”

Dr. G then asked, “Why do you have neuropathy?”

I said, “Because of the diabetes.”

Dr. G. said, “Oh, you are diabetic?”

You have to love them! Not!
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2 thoughts on “Doctors, X-rays and a Little Frustration

  1. I sure understand about the balance problems! I have balance problems too, but not as severe as yours. Sometimes I just start tilting over, but I can almost always catch myself. It’s the result of taking bupropion (Wellbutrin) years ago for depression, which caused inner ear problems. My psychiatrist did make a report about it — it’s not a common side effect, but you never know when you take drugs! Another reason why I’m glad I’m on insulin and not all those oral meds!
    And I congratulate you for being so proactive about your health! 🙂

    • Natalie, although it isn’t listed as a common side effect, you have to wonder how many people might have that problem but it just did not get reported either because they never made the connection or their doctors ruled it out. It is good that you can catch yourself once you start tilting over.

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