The End: Freestyle Navigator

It is hard to believe that it was January, 2010 that my Navigator died and Abbott was not able to replace it. I belong to the Navigator group on TuDiabetes and never dropped out because there has been very little activity. This evening, there was a post that Abbott called and they are discontinuing the Navigator in the US. They will stop having sensors available after June, 2012. The refund offer will expire March, 2012. You can read that post here.
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2 thoughts on “The End: Freestyle Navigator

  1. This is a shame, but really not surprising. The writing’s been on the wall since Day One, sadly. Just wish Abbott hadn’t been living in self-denial for so long and had been more honest and open about all this. However, if those in management truly DID believe that they’d be able to re-start distribution on the Navigator after such a long time, then they have no business being in those positions.

    • You are right about the honesty Mike. When this started, everyone was being told different things from Abbott. I know the person at Abbott that I was working with would tell me something different than she would tell another person. There were still some die-hard Navigator users waiting for that big comeback. A friend of mines son just tried out the Dexcom within the last 2 weeks and he still wanted to hang on to the Navigator – but I don’t think most people would have trusted Abbott enough to take a chance with them. I know I wouldn’t.

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