La La Land Lows

I have been having AC problems this week. Tuesday, it kept getting warmer and warmer in here. At first I thought it was because I had both the oven and dryer going and that the AC just couldn’t keep up with it. By mid-afternoon as the temperature was getting warmer outside, it was getting worse inside. The rental office where I live is only open in the mornings, and the maintenance guy also only works a half day. I shut the AC off since it was only blowing hot air and opened the windows.

Because I have a cat, I don’t like to open the windows wide enough for her to fall out the screen. Before anyone says anything, that actually happened to one of my cousins. I spent the weekend helping her look for her cat after falling out of a second floor window and ever since then, I have been paranoid about opening the windows too wide with a cat. There is also a streetlight near my bedroom window and if I don’t pull the blinds down the whole way, the light shines into my room. Between the windows not being open the whole way and the blind blocking air from coming in, it was very uncomfortable in here and I did not get any sleep at all Tuesday night.

Wednesday evening, I was out with the dog and the manager came over – the guy that fixes the AC did not call her back. She wanted to try and turn it back on to see if it would work. I had actually turned it off on Tuesday for about 1 ½ hours and it was blowing cool air when it first came on, but it started getting warmer again so I shut it off. It was blowing cold air so we decided to leave it run for awhile. She came back later to check on me and it was still working. I agreed that I would sleep on the couch just in case it decided to konk out again.

With no sleep at all Tuesday night, by Wednesday evening, I was ready to drop. I brought an alarm clock, pillow and blanket downstairs to crash on the couch. My regular alarm clock is a dual alarm and I have it set for 7 AM and 11 PM, the times I take my Levemir. I was really tired and decided that instead of setting the alarm I brought down for 11 and having to change it (plus I just did not want something waking me up if I managed to fall asleep), I would just take my Levemir early – I took it a little before 9. That was a big mistake!

About 10:30, I woke up all sweaty. It was like an ice box in here. Thursday morning, I discovered the manager set my AC to 66. I keep it at 68 during the day and 70 at night. I knew I was not sweaty from being warm so went over to my desk to check my blood sugar. I was 51 according to my meter. I grabbed my container of Smarties and counted some out. I actually put 5 packs of Smarties on my desk. Normally for a 51, I would only use 3 packs. I have no idea why I decided on 5 as the magic number, but I do remember counting out 5 packs of them.  One pack of Smarties has 6 grams of carbs in them.

Aviva meter blood sugar of 51

After that, things get a little fuzzy. I know I was still sitting at my desk for some reason at 11. I forgot to shut off the alarm upstairs and it started going off at 11. I felt really out of it and it took me awhile to realize that it was the alarm – everything seemed really far away and nothing made sense. Even when I realized it was the alarm, I didn’t know what to do with it. I remember looking at my meter and then started thinking maybe my blood sugar was low. But I didn’t check my blood sugar or think about having more Smarties. At one point, I thought I needed someone to help me, but I wasn’t sure if I needed help and didn’t know what to do.

I decided I needed to shut the alarm off so I went upstairs. Considering I fell down the stairs in June, that was pretty stupid but I wasn’t exactly thinking straight. Once I got upstairs and shut the alarm off, I laid down on my bed. At that point, I thought about my blood sugar and decided I need to go back downstairs because all my stuff was there. I keep Smarties in the bedroom so I don’t have to run around in the middle of the night. My meter was downstairs, but I could have treated a low without going down the stairs. When I got downstairs, I went over to the Smarties container and grabbed some more Smarties. This time, I sat on the couch eating them. I remember dropping one and worried that it would attract ants if I didn’t pick it up.

It was after 6 when I woke up. I almost had a heart attack when I checked my blood sugar.

Aviva meter blodo sugar of 359

I remembered being low so I looked at my meter. I checked my blood sugar at 10:34 and was 51. I didn’t test again until I woke up and tested at 359 at 6:20. Sometimes when I am low and out of it, I find test strips in or around the meter like I tried to test. There weren’t any strips on my desk. I know I had to have been lower than 51 so whether my blood sugar kept dropping lower or I had something on my hands, I will never know. I guess the other possibility is being low and being tired is not a good mix for me! I apparently made it to the garbage with the Smarties packs and the one on the floor so I don’t even know how many packs of Smarties I ate the second time around.
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9 thoughts on “La La Land Lows

  1. Yeah I had a bad one this weekend – 30. That’s the lowest I’ve ever registered. I am very concerned that I’m developing hypo unawareness.
    I usually use them mini fruit flavored tootsie rolls or starburst – that high fructose corn syrup works wonders. And there have been many occasons when I’ve woke up to a b’zillion empty wrappers on the floor…

    • LOL Minnesota Nice – I recall the days when I got lows alot at night. In the morning when I went into the kitchen – I would see all the “stuff” I’d consumed – it would make my husband have a laugh (he sleeps thru’ all my hypos – he’s always been that way – even when I’ve had to take care of a 20 mg/dl low – now imagine how many g’zillon emptry wrappers would be on your floor and what my kitchen would look like – e.g. food fight would be more like it). The things we D’s do to stay “within the zone”!!!

  2. What a mess! I can just see you TRYING to think your way through, but when the brain doesn’t have enough glucose….
    Like Anna, I have far fewer lows on the pump, but in your case the gastroparesis throws a monkey wrench into everything. I admire you for fighting the good fight!

    • Thanks Natalie! It is weird when you are half logical. I know there was something wrong with the first pump I had, but yesterday I was actually just thinking about all the lows that I had when I went shopping with the pump. I rarely go low shopping on MDI but even cutting back my basal on the pump, I always managed to have a low in the store. The gastroparesis changes the playing field, but I think I caused this one by taking my Levemir early.

    • Thanks Collen! I don’t want to push my luck on the stairs again. I wasn’t quite expecting to see the 359. If I had known that was going to happen, I should have at least had pizza or something to make it worth it!

  3. Ouch – scary stuff! It almost sounds like maybe your BG meter was not showing you the correct number at 51 mg/dl & you were perhaps lower? I know I’m able to function at that point – at 50 mg/dl – but when I go below 30 mg/dl – it’s a challenge – and like you I used to go up high after pigging out on everything under the sun. I say used – since going onto the pump – lows are less frequent for me – when I used to do the multiple shots of long lasting insulin – it’s all about timing with our insulins – isn’t it? Life is such a roller coaster ride – but at least you managed the stairs okay this time! I’m lucky – only have a small bungalow – one floor – bedroom to kitchen – 5 seconds away from each other – but I always keep a juice box beside my bedside (and really – I should keep my blood meter there as well – but again – lows during night are no longer a problem for me).

    • I think I could have been lower Anna, or in the process of dropping also. I can function in the 50s OK. By the time my alarm started going off upstairs, I was really out of it – that was after Smarties. Yeah, it is all about timing. I shouldn’t have taken a change of an overlap, but I didn’t think it would be that bad!

      I need to move into a one floor. That would solve a lot of problems. After I fell, I started getting worried about falling again. Now I need to worry about doing stupid stuff while I am low!

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