Insulin Mix-up

Last night, I was getting ready for bed around 11. Like I always do, I test my blood sugar and then take my Levemir. If I need to take a correction, I will do that also. I tested at 115, so was happy with that. I just needed to take my Levemir so I picked up a pen, dialed in 8 units and stuck it in. As I pulled the pen out, I realized, I just gave myself 8 units of Apidra, not Levemir. Fortunately, I still had my pen in my hand so there was no doubt as to which pen I had used.

Levemir and Apidra pens

After the initial panic set in, I grabbed for my Smarties. I knew I had to start getting glucose into me. There were 5 packs in the container I keep upstairs so I started eating those. I recently brought a zip lock baggy upstairs filled with them so I had more than just the 5 – I just had not dumped them in the container yet. While I was eating the Smarties, I thought I would need to eat enough carbs to cover the insulin – yuck! My evening carb ratio is 1:15. Three packs of Smarties have 18 grams of carbs in. The easiest thing I could think of to do was count out 24 packs of Smarties (less the 5 I had already eaten).

24 packs of SmartiesI sat there looking at all those Smarties and wanted to puke. There was no way I would be able to eat all those. It was going to be a long night! I thought having a bad low would be better if I was downstairs, not up. I emptied out the baggy of Smarties into the container and put my 19 remaining packs in the baggy. I then grabbed my meter, insulin (not sure why I took that!), a pillow and a blanket and headed downstairs for the couch.

I started eating some more Smarties. All I could think of was I can’t do this! With gastroparesis, it is not good to eat a lot of anything because when you have too much food in your stomach, it doesn’t digest – I was already nauseous and knew if I kept eating more, it was only going to make matters worse. Then I remembered I had some containers of juice in the fridge. I don’t drink juice that often because of the high carb content but figured since I needed carbs, this would be a good time to have some. I went and grabbed some juice. I looked at the carb content and it had 47 grams of carbs in it. I drank it.

Welch's Juice and Smarties

After I drank the juice, I counted how many packs of Smarties were left in my baggy. There were 15 left so that means I ate 9 packs. I then opened Excel to see how many grams of carbs I had eaten and I had 101 so far. In total, I would need to have 120 so I was pretty close. I decided to take some Levemir and took 6 units instead of 8. I knew once the Apidra was out of my system, I would go high without any Levemir. Taking less would also help compensate for the 19 grams of carbs left that I really did not want to eat.

By that point, it was about 11:50. I figured I would wait until 12 and check my blood sugar. I fell asleep and woke up this morning to my dog on top of me trying to wake me up – my alarm was going off upstairs. As soon as I went up to shut the alarm off, I came back down and tested my blood sugar. I was 194. Things could have been a lot worse!
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10 thoughts on “Insulin Mix-up

  1. I love smarties 🙂 but I am done at two packs. I have had to run through a list of carb snacks at 3am that my daughter will eat/drink. She never wants to eat in the middle of the night and I can’t blame her.

  2. Phew – glad you managed thru’ that. I almost did that once – but luckily I didn’t (though I use smaller amounts of long lasting insulin – so it wouldn’t have been as much of a Smartie fest as what you did). I didn’t realise that about Smartie’s (here in Canada we called them Rockets) were the same as Dex-4 with dextrosol. I learned something new today reading your blog. The reason why I will still buy the more expensive Dex-4 …. I love Smarties/Rockets – so might not just stop eating them – though in your case you had a lots to eat. I do prefer juice boxes tho’ when I need a fast “fix” – mine run at 23 grams of carbs & are for kids lunch boxes – so they tend to be very yummy – but again – only use them for emergencies – or when I have kids visiting my house 🙂

    • Thanks Anna! It was only a little over a year ago that I found out about Smarties. I never would have thought to compare labels. Even on a normal day, I am not big on the Smarties so them tempting me into overeating shouldn’t happen! I am not a big juice person but after the other night, I can see the benefit of having some in the house – a lot easier to stack up carbs when you need to!

    • Natalie, one reason that I switched to Smarties was a friend told me that Dr. Bernstein said to use things that have Dextrose first in the list of ingredients. I compared Smarties & glucose tablets and they are almost identical in ingredients. Smarties are a lot cheaper – I wish someone had told me that years ago! You are right, staying conscious overrules the yuck factor. I am glad that I had juice in the fridge because I don’t think I could have eaten 24 packs of those things!

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