Bizarre Shower Scene

Psycho Shower SceneSaturday morning, I was in the shower and I noticed the water running from under my foot appeared red. The shampoo that I use is kind of a reddish/orangish color so my first thought was that I accidentally spilled some when I washed my hair. I picked my foot up and let the water run past so everything was clear and put my foot down again. The water immediately turned colored again. It was obviously coming from my foot.

I picked my foot up and looked and did not see anything bleeding nor anything that looked like a cut. The skin between two of my toes did look a little puffy so I thought maybe there was a cut that I just couldn’t see. Of course as soon as I put my foot back down, the water turned colors again.

I had an extra roll of toilet paper sitting on the back of the toilet and I was able to reach that without getting out of the shower so I grabbed that. I stuffed some toilet paper between the toes that I thought was the problem. Of course, because the tub was wet, the toilet paper got wet and fell off before I got out of the shower. I grabbed some more and put it in before heading back to my bedroom. I have a stash of bandages in my linen closet so I made a pit stop there first to get those.

When I got to my bedroom, I pulled the toilet paper out from between my toes and big surprise – there was no blood at all on the toilet paper. I looked closer at my foot and still didn’t see anything. I always put cream on my feet as soon as I get out of the shower so I did the problem foot first and put my sock on. By the time I put the cream on my other foot and put that sock on, I noticed a red spot on the top of my sock of the problem foot. At least now I know exactly what area the blood is coming from!

I pulled my sock off and this time, I noticed my toenail area on my little toe was all red. I thought that my toenail fell off. I have no clue what happened. I put some Neosporin on it and put a big bandaid over it. I also have one of those blue surgical shoes so I pulled that out of the closet – it you have a wound, it will heal faster if you don’t have a shoe on pressing against it.

Sunday morning I went to get my shower and took the bandaid off. The Neosporin and the bandage absorbed some of the blood I had seen the day before. There was a cut at the base of the nail, but my toenail was still there. It didn’t look as bad as what I thought it was.

My doctor doesn’t work on Mondays and by Tuesday morning, the cut was almost healed. I get to save some co-pays and few trips to Pittsburgh!
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