I Bought Some Shot Glasses

Shot GlassesAnd I bought them because my eye doctor told me to! I saw my eye doctor last month because my eyes are really dried out. He started me on Restasis. He told me that even though the Restasis is meant for one use only, I should not throw it away because you can get more out of it. He said that you have to stand it up after you take the top off and the best thing to use would be a shot glass. I told him that I can’t say that I never had any shot glasses, but I did not think that I had any.

I looked for some when I went shopping but could not find any. My mother was going to the mall the other day so called me and asked if I wanted her to look for some. My mother is very anti-alcohol so her looking for shot glasses for me was kind of hilarious. She found some. These don’t look like the ones I used to have, but I guess these are made for some serious bartenders. I need two because I am keeping some Restasis upstairs to use before I crawl in bed.

Shot Glasses

If you have never seen Restasis before, it comes in a bunch of little vials in a tray.


Each vial is meant for a single use, but there is enough Restasis for about 1 ½ – 2 uses. My eye doctor said to just stand it up in a shot glass, so that is what I will do.

Restasis in shot glass

I thought I would take one pic with a ruler so you could see how tall the shot glass is.  Depending on how you look at it, the number is a little faded but it is actually a 2 at the top of the glass.

Restasis in shot glass with ruler
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