I Am Hungry

That is what Alex seems to be saying a lot lately. I finally found a mix of homemade food that he seems to like – white rice, carrots and chicken. He also likes applesauce for dessert.  He won’t eat peanut butter, peas, sweet potatoes, hamburger, brown rice, bananas, or apples to name a few. I thought that I was a picky eater! For a few weeks, it was a battle getting him to eat. Now he starts bugging me early for something to eat.

Alex with homemade dog food

Alex eating
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2 thoughts on “I Am Hungry

  1. Ah, sweet pics! White rice and chicken are the best things for dogs-keeps their systems in good order-a vet told me that-never heard about carrots though-will need to remember that! I had an English Cocker Spaniel puppy at one time (6 weeks old on adoption) but when he came to me, he had horrible diarrhea bouts. That is when the vet told me, ‘cook up some white rice and chicken as fast as you can and give it to him’. It worked every time!!

    • Thanks Kathleen! I used to have another Yorkie and the breeder I got him from suggested using baby carrots as treats. Alex always had carrots as a treat until after Nicky died then he quit eating them. I thought I would try them again but now I grate them before giving them to him. Yorkies tend to have bad teeth, so that could be part of why he didn’t want to eat them anymore.

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