Sometimes You Just Have to Bite Your Tongue

And sometimes, you don’t! Last night I did both. I am the kind of person that if someone needs help, I will try to help them. But if someone does not want help, I am not going push help or advice on them. I don’t appreciate people telling me that I need to do things differently than I do so I am not about to suggest someone make changes unless they actually want to do that.

Last night I was invited for dinner and to play cards with a bunch of my neighbors. One of the women is in her 80s. She is a Type 2 diabetic and takes Levemir twice a day. She had a problem where she passed out twice and when she came around, she was not able to move. Her kids have a schedule that at least one of them calls every day to check on her so when she did not respond to the phone, one of her sons came to check. Her doctors did not know for sure why it happened. Her kids made arrangements with a friend of her daughter to stay with her.

This friend bakes a lot – she thinks because she uses Splenda, it won’t affect your blood sugar. She has offered me a bunch of stuff and I keep telling her that it is the carbs that raise your blood sugar. The diabetic woman only checks her blood sugar first thing in the morning. I know that she needs to test more, but again, she has not asked my opinion. She told me that her blood sugar used to be around 100 in the mornings but it is now over 200. Her doctor is aware because she keeps a log and she takes it for him to see. I know that there are a lot of things besides food that impact your blood sugar, but I think the fact that she is now eating cake and other goodies every day also has a big impact on why she is waking up over 200 every day. However, she has not asked me what I thought so I have not said anything.

The friend baked a cake that she brought last night. It was the birthday of one of the other women there. I have mentioned the birthday woman here before – she is/was Type 2 also. She had lap band surgery to reverse her Type 2 and never tested her blood sugar once after surgery. The birthday woman’s daughter-in-law and grandson showed up and they were offered a piece of cake. The daughter-in-law said that she should not eat cake because of her blood sugar. I did ask if she was diabetic also and she said yes. Then she said something that totally shocked me – she has not taken her medicine in a month. I honestly did not know what to say so I kept my mouth shut and did not say a word.

Then the woman that baked the cake piped up and said that it had Splenda in, not sugar. I did speak up and say that it is the carbs that raise your blood sugar – I have told her that numerous times before and I don’t think that she will ever get it. I did not want anyone else there thinking that just because it had Splenda in that it was safe to eat. Her response to my statement was “she eats it all the time and it doesn’t bother her” and pointed to the 80-some year old woman. The 80-some year old woman wakes up with blood sugar over 200 every morning. She only tests once a day. You can’t say that it doesn’t bother her. I wanted to slug her but I was good. I bit my tongue. I did not say a word.

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In case you are wondering, the diabetic woman that hasn’t taken her medicine in a month did have a piece of the cake – apparently, she thinks it was safe also.
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4 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have to Bite Your Tongue

  1. I was going to say the same thing that Coleen and you have said – that it seems to me that lack of diabetes education is quite often to blame. (I know you’ve written about that in the past.) But the other side of the story is that if someone doesn’t try – or even want – to be educated it just makes the problem worse. It sounds like when you talk about sugar vs carbs, she doesn’t pay attention. That’s really a shame, because I know you could help her a lot of she would only let you. But you can’t force someone who isn’t open to it – so I admire the way you handled the situation.

  2. I keep losing comments tonight!
    I really believe that Type 2’s, especially those who are older, are not given adequate d-education. It’s just one of the things that my former CDE and I discussed the other night at dinner.

    • Sorry that you are losing comments Colleen! I agree that Type 2s don’t get adequate education – I saw that with my one aunt. I don’t think that this older woman was given much education either. I would really love to sit down and talk to her, but I don’t want to “push” so will just let her ask questions when she wants to know something. She has asked a few things, hopefully she will continue.

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