These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

No D Day

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens …

OK, maybe I don’t like all the things that Julie Andrews sang about in the Sound of Music, but the song gets off to a good start.

Music is one of the things at the top of my list. As a kid, I remember music playing a lot in our house. When I was old enough to buy my own music, my mother threatened to “break” the next record I brought into the house. She had a stack of old 78s up in the attic so I am not quite sure what she expected from me! I have gone from vinyl to CDs to digital in my lifetime. I like a variety of music. You walk in my house and you can hear Celine Dion followed by Metallica. I have songs that are in other languages and I have no clue what the words are, but the music is good so I play them.

Mulberrie CourtAnother thing that I really enjoy doing is putting up my village at Christmas. Back in 1996, I started collecting the Department 56 Dickens’ Village. I first saw it at my boss’s house because his wife collected it. I fell in love and have been hooked ever since. I have always said when people win the lottery, you see them on TV saying that they are going to buy a house and a car. I would be saying that I am going to call Kathies Christmas (my favorite village store) and tell them I want one of everything that I don’t have. Although if I did that, I guess I would also have to get a house so I had a place big enough to display it.

The apartment where I live now has a smaller living room so it is really cramped in here with the village in my living room at Christmas. I move my love seat into the kitchen so that makes the kitchen very cramped also. This summer I came up with the bright idea of putting my tree and village in my spare bedroom upstairs. I will have to move my treadmill to my bedroom and haven’t figured out what I will do with the cat litter yet, but I will have enough room for my village and won’t feel so squished downstairs. Instead of waiting until Thanksgiving to start putting everything up, I am going to start towards the beginning of November so I can light everything up on Thanksgiving. I have some new “design” ideas for this year, so stay turned to see how they turn out!

I was going thru some old pictures recently and came across an old picture of my village. In the beginning, I didn’t even have enough pieces to bother putting it under my tree. The second picture is from last Christmas – it is not the best for detail of all the people and stuff that go into the village, but you can get an idea of how much it has grown from the lights.

Dickens' Village 1997Dickens' Village 2010

I also have a Dickens’ Village page here on my blog that you can check out here.

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And if you are singing These Are a Few of My Favorite things, you can listen to that right here also!

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4 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Wow! That village is amazing! I have a similar love of music. My playlists include all kinds of stuff that you would not expect but to me all makes sense. Good music is not contained by a genre right?!?

    Awesome post.

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