I Made It!

I don’t know what happened a year ago in October, but my energy levels really took a nose-dive. I had been using my treadmill regularly six days a week and it was a struggle to get on the treadmill. I can’t even say how many days I skipped because I lost my spreadsheet that I track that on when my computer crashed – let’s just say it was a lot! Even when I was on the treadmill this last year, I was never able to get back up to 60 minutes. I broke that streak today!

Kelly Booth treadmill

On Tuesday, I did 30 minutes. This past week I felt like I was getting my energy back so thought I would add 5 minutes a day until I hit 60 minutes. Yesterday was an off day so today was to be the day I went to 35 minutes. I thought I would do 25 minutes, take a little break and do 10 more. When I got to 25, I decided I would do 30 before taking a break and then 10 more. When I started up after the break, instead of 10, I kept going.

I like to watch Joel Osteen’s podcasts and he always says to thank God for things that you want. Recently, I started thanking God for giving me the energy back to use my treadmill. You can’t just say it but you have to actually believe it. It worked!
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4 thoughts on “I Made It!

  1. Because I’ve always been preparing myself for when it happens that I can’t walk properly – I actually have a collection of beautiful walking sticks. Nothing will stop me from going along – even at a slow pace!!!! You’ve got awhile to go Kelly before you can consider yourself an “old lady” (I don’t believe in that word at all – not part of my vocabulary – la, la, la, la!! I think I’m abit older then you maybe – not sure – but heck – whose counting years – not me – just the fact that I’m still alive and kicking 🙂 Keep on walking girls!!!

    • I hope that you never need to use those walking sticks Anna! The little girl next door called me elderly but she is only 5, so what does she know. I think I am a little older than you – I was born in 59 so that should make me 32, right?

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