Nor What?

Picture of fall tree in snow stormReady or not, the snow is here! I thought I would take my camera with me when I had the dog out this morning and my camera apparently decided to take a picture on its own – I thought this upside down picture of the tree with the pretty leaves in a snow storm was kind of fitting for this post.

We had no snow when I went to bed last night, but woke up to snow this morning.

Snow plow

I am kind of half ready for the snow. Ever since I had the surgery on my foot, I have been wearing sneakers. Those are fine in the summer (unless you want to get dressed up) but not so warm in the winter. My neurologist actually suggested getting ankle ones to help support my ankles more with the drop foot. I saw that SAS had some ankle boots so Santa (aka my mother) offered to get them for me for Christmas. The shoe store had to order the wide ones for me (the foot with the reconstruction is wider than normal) and we just went about 1 ½ weeks ago to pick them up. Santa said I might need them so she gave them to me early. Although I have the boots, I did not get to wear them to break them in slowly. I tested them this morning.

SAS Alpine Boots

Alex managed to find a little bit of green sticking thru the grass. This looks like a gooid spot!

Alex peeing in snow

I really think he just wants to go back in. I can hear him thinking, Mom are you nuts!

Alex in snow

I just got a new supply of both Levemir and Apidra insulin so I have plenty of blood sugar downers. My sister found the big packs of Smarties in the Halloween section, so she bought me plenty of blood sugar uppers. My guess is that I will run out of downers before I run out of uppers!

Smarties and insulin

The power already went out once this morning. My phone is charging. I have plenty of candles, but no working flashlights because someone didn’t get batteries yet.

Flashlight and candle

After the power went out this morning while I was cooking Alex’s chicken, I had to wonder how I will feed him if we lose power. One big downfall of homemade dog food! I guess he will be forced have to eat cat food. If he knows that, he is probably praying for the power to go out!
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8 thoughts on “Nor What?

  1. Looks like heavy, wet snow. Perfect for making snowmen! Out here in the high desert, it usually snows light, dry snow, which won’t stick together worth beans! But so far, there has only been a little snow on the mountains — it didn’t come to the valley floor. The Donner Party should have picked THIS year — they could have gotten through!

    Always good to have a supply of downers/uppers. I had ONE bag of smarties, and got SO sick of the tartness, that I never did finish the bag and it spoiled and got thrown away. My go-to is granulated sugar — not delicious at all, but it does the trick and doesn’t go bad, and I don’t get tired of it. I really wish there was such a thing as glucose ice cream with chocolate syrup, if I had to eat something sweet! 🙂

    • It was a very heavy snow Natalie. I don’t think I saw any of the kids even trying to make a snowman. They don’t know what fun is!

      Sugar does the trick too but harder to measure out. I do better with things that I know have x number of carbs and I don’t have stop after 1 or 2 spoonfuls! Glucose ice cream would be good. I saw someone had a “sugar free” Halloween treat on another site – I had to click because they sure looked like bananas to me and that is what they were. Guess some people don’t know what sugar is!

  2. What???

    Alex would stoop so low as to eat canned cat food? I thought anything cat oriented was out of the question.

    He looks so cute in his winter coat.


    PS I have two cats, but love dogs too. Please don’t tell my cats this.

    • Mary, I have to keep the cat food where he can’t reach it or he would eat all of it! I promise I won’t tell your cats that you said that! I hope they don’t get on your computer when you leave the house or you are in big trouble!

      • Good blog and pics today! I’ll take your snow. Alex is cute in his little coat. So glad you have the boots now. How did they feel on you? Don’t forget to watch for blisters, since you didn’t get to break them in.

        All of you stay warm; and for heavens sake, get some batteries!


      • Trisha, I don’t think you want our snow since it is very heavy and brought down lots & lots of power lines! The boots are nice & comfy – I love SAS shoes. I am only wearing them a little bit every day so that I break them in properly – you are preaching to the Pope here!

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