What Heaven Looks Like in a Nor’Easter

I was lucky and our power only went out for about 6 ½ hours. I know other people are still waiting for theirs to come back on. It went out about 12:30 yesterday afternoon and about 5:30, I saw several Penelec trucks pull up. These guys look like Angels when you are sitting without power, the sun is going down and it is getting colder than you already are. They were working at an electric pole near where I live for about a half hour. It was about 7:05 when the lights finally came back on.  According to the paper today, my town had 8.5 inches.  We weren’t supposed to get hit with this storm!

Penelec trucks in Nor'EasterPenelec workers with wires in Nor'EasterMy neighbors little girl didn’t seem to mind the cold.

Little girl sitting in snow
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4 thoughts on “What Heaven Looks Like in a Nor’Easter

  1. heard about this storm on the radio this morning. made me cold just listening to the commentator talk about the loss of power and the snow. 8(

    glad yours is back on! keep warm!
    (snow is pretty though, even if i hate it!! LOL)

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