Do You Actually Read Nutrition Labels?

Boost Nutrition LabelI get the Diabetes in Control newsletter and yesterday when I was trying to get caught up, one article caught my eye. That article was, “Why People Don’t Read Nutrition Labels.” In reading the article, it said that based on a study, even though people claimed they read the labels, they don’t – the study participants were equipped with an eye-tracking device to monitor what they actually looked at versus what they claimed they looked at. Even though this article was in a diabetes newsletter, it didn’t specify whether or not the study participants were diabetics. My gut tells me that people with diabetes probably read labels more than the average Joe (or Jane).

The article specifically talked about reading labels in stores. I confess, I rarely read labels in stores. I have a spreadsheet with the food items I normally eat so when I need to know something, I look it up at home. If I am planning on buying something new, I have been known to look up nutrition label online before even going to the store. If I get to the store and can’t get what I want, then I might look at the nutrition information on other brands before picking one out.

The study also said more people looked at least one component of the nutrition label than what were self reported. I only look at the things that are important to me – the biggest things I watch are calories and carbs. I also try to look at my day as a whole so just because something has more calories or carbs in doesn’t mean that I can’t fit it into the big picture. I just know that if I want that item, I will have to drop something else.

Did you do your Big Blue Test for today?

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