Vice President Joe Biden in Pittsburgh

PittsburghI had two doctor’s appointments in Pittsburgh today. My mother picked me up at 8:15 and as we started down the road, she told me that Vice President Biden was going to be in Pittsburgh today – she did not know where or what time. My first appointment was near the airport so the only potential problem would be when we were leaving there because traffic is always bad heading back into Pittsburgh from there. My second appointment was with my eye doctor and I see him on this side of Pittsburgh.

We made it to the first doctor at 10:15. Since I first started going to Pittsburgh in 2006, they have improved Route 22 and it is now at least two lanes the whole way. We can usually make it in two hours now but normally allow an extra half an hour in case of traffic problems. My appointment was at 10:45 and this particular doctor will take you right away if you are there early. I am usually out of there by appointment time and today was no different.

We started heading back towards Pittsburgh and as we were approaching the exit we would take to get back on 376, I could see at the bottom of the ramp, there was a police car with his lights flashing pulled across the road blocking traffic from getting off the ramp. We got off the exit and started around the curve to see traffic stopped. And there we sat.


Where we were sitting, I didn’t even get to his see his motorcade!

After about 15 minutes, traffic started moving again and I made it to my eye appointment with plenty of time to spare. As we were leaving the eye doctor’s, they announced on the radio what time Vice President Biden would be leaving Pittsburgh and to expect rolling road closures like they did when he came in. Fortunately, we were heading a different direction this time and wouldn’t get stopped.

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