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Eyes in glassesYesterday I mentioned that I was at the eye doctor, but I didn’t really say anything about the actual appointment. My appointment yesterday was a follow-up after the August appointment and starting Restasis for the dry eyes. In August, he told me that it takes 2-3 months for the Restasis to kick in so not to think it is not working if I don’t notice any difference in the beginning. A couple weeks ago, I felt like it was starting to kick in, but the last 2 weeks, my eyes have been really dry again. Even my sinuses are very dry and those were not dry before.

The tech took me back and I first had to ask him about his blue shirt. He did not realize that it was Blue Friday, he just wore a blue shirt by coincidence. He did the vision test first then checked the pressure in my eyes.

I was anxiously waiting for the Schirmer’s test to see if my eyes improved any as far as the dryness goes. The last time, there was one blue bar on the litmus paper – the tech that time told me that the whole paper should be blue. I could barely see any blue at all this time and when I asked him, he said that they were close. I thought maybe it was just my eyes not being able to see blue on the paper.

When the eye doctor came in, he told me that they were dryer than they were the last time. I told him that they seemed like they were getting better but then the last 2 weeks, they were really dry again. I brought up the Dlife article about dry eyes and autonomic neuropathy. He said that it may be because of the neuropathy but it may be another immune problem. I told him that the article made it sound like if you get your blood sugar under control, the dry eyes will go away. I told him that my A1cs have been in the 5s for the last 3 years other than one 6.1. He said that the problem with those articles is that they make it sound like if you never have problems with your blood sugar or get them in control, you won’t have problems and that isn’t true.

The last time I was there, he brought up doing the plugs. Yesterday he said that is still a possibility but for now, he would just like to continue with the Restasis and see if that helps. He said that I might have some weeks they seem fine and then they feel dry again – I have already noticed that. I am also using OTC eye drops and he said to continue doing that. He said that there is no need to do the Schirmer’s test next time because my eyes are bone dry and he doubts that was a surprise to me.
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4 thoughts on “Eye Appointment

  1. Yeah – Colleen’s got it right Kelly about the air being drier during the cooler months with central heating. I know with having wood floors (I ripped up all the carpeting in the house many years ago to reveal maple flooring) – our home tends to not be as dry since carpets suck up alot of moisture (and other things). I also keep my house cooler then most people – 18C /65F – which helps not dry out the air so much. I do know a humidifier does wonders for those with dry eyes/sinuses as well having worked with clients with similar problems like yours (they tend to keep the humidifier in their bedroom – or have a few around their home – depending on where they spend the most time).
    It’s interesting to hear what your doctor says about lower A1C’s not being the solution to avoiding diabetic complications – it sort of gives me hope – with always being in the range I’m in – I don’t think I can ever get mine below 5% – without the risk of having hypos (low blood sugars) – and those are hard on the brain / body – just like hyper (high blood sugars are) according to research I’ve done over the years (I’m the research victim here – with 44 years under my belt ).

    • My sister suggested a humidifier Anna but she also added that they need cleaned a lot – that is the part that worries me! I like things clean but I also like to keep things simple. I don’t think I can ever get my A1c below 5 either. The lowest I ever had was 5.3 and that was when I was passing out a lot. I can manage 5.8 without passing out so I am happy in the upper 5s. My memory is not what it used to be before the period of passing out, so your research is right. At least in my opinion it is!

  2. I don’t have eye issues but – have noticed that everything (especially skin) is drier after we turn the heat on in the house and at work (especially work).
    Sounds like your eye doc is knowledgeable so that has to make you feel good.

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