We Need Your Help: The Big Blue Test

Big Blue TestThere are only four more days (including today) to do the Big Blue Test. As of this morning, only 2475 people have entered test results. The goal is to have 8000 people complete the test. After 10 full days, we aren’t even at the half way point – we are just a couple shy of being at 31%. I know that we can do better than this.   It is for a very good cause – Roche will be donating money to help people get life saving supplies that they need.

Were you aware that you can do the test multiple times? If you are someone that normally exercises an hour a day, break that exercise down into three 20 minute sessions. If you exercise 30 minutes a day, then do two 15 minute sessions. You are not doing anything extra but you are helping to get life saving supplies for people in need. Just test, exercise and test again. Record your results on the Big Blue Test site. How hard is that!

Your non-diabetic friends and relatives can participate also. There is a separate field for them to record their results so they don’t interfere with the diabetic numbers, but the non-diabetic results count also.


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