Neat New Gadget for Those Of Us on MDI

TimesulinEmily Coles posted a press release on TuDiabetes about the upcoming release of a new product called Timesulin. In simple terms, Timesulin is a cap that fits on most insulin pens. When you take the Timesulin cap off your pen for more than 8 seconds to take a shot, a timer starts up and will display the amount of time since you last took your injection. I can’t begin to even count the number of times that I remember thinking about taking my shot but can’t remember if I actually did or not. We all know what happens if we guess wrong about whether or not we actually took our shot.  This product would put an end to that.

According to the press release on the Timesulin website (which you can view in full here), Timesulin will be released in Europe mid-November. The website did not mention anything about being available in the US or Canada. I am crossing my fingers that it does come here and is not something that would get buried by the FDA. I did sign up for their newsletter.
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4 thoughts on “Neat New Gadget for Those Of Us on MDI

  1. I’ve never used an insulin pen, but this sounds like a great idea. I can’t count the number of times I have checked my pump about halfway through my meal because I can’t remember if I’d bolused or not.

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