Rain, Rain Go Away

World Diabetes Day

Rain, rain go away
It is World Diabetes Day

I guess the weatherman didn’t get the memo that it is supposed to be nice out today for all the World Diabetes Day activities. Last night on the 11:00 news, I heard that we were supposed to have a chance of “scattered showers,” but that chance was very low. When I woke up this morning, I heard the rain and it has been raining since I got up. I have a walk planned in my neighborhood for 2:00. I hope the rain scatters away. Rain or not, I will be doing some form of exercise at 2:00. I think my dog Alex is relieved though – he must have heard me thinking about giving him a bath this AM so he would look nice and snazzy for the walk and he started praying for rain.

Speaking of exercise, when I checked the Big Blue Test website this morning, only 4,348 tests have been entered. We need to have at least 7,000 tests entered by noon Pacific Time for Manny to die his hair blue. The ultimate goal is 8,000 tests to get the maximum donation by Roche. We still need over 3,600 to meet that goal. I hope there are a lot of activities planned for today and the weather is nice so they don’t get rained out. WE CAN DO THIS!

I hope that everyone is all blued up today and has a great World Diabetes Day!

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