Rough End to World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day walkFor the most part, World Diabetes Day turned out to be a good day. I was worried when I woke up to rain. The sun did come out by 2:00, which is when I had scheduled a walk in my neighborhood for. Unfortunately, only one other person showed up. I later found out three other people planned to but they thought it was on Tuesday. I now know to state the actual day of the week besides just saying “November 14th.” And provide treats – people show up for free food.

Hope Paige Medical ID BraceletAfter I got home, I opened up Google Reader because I didn’t have a chance earlier to read the blogs that I subscribe to. I was very surprised (and pleased!) to find out that I was the winner of a Hope Paige Medical ID bracelet being given away by Kim at the You Can Do This Project. I had six designs to choose from. Kim from Texting My Pancreas posted the pictures here. I really like both the black rubber one and the stainless steel heart link. I decided to go with the stainless steel one because it is a little dressier. Someone from Hope Paige contacted me right after I contacted Kim. I keep looking at those so I was really happy about winning one.

Blood sugar 38 on World Diabetes DayMonday evening I fell asleep on the couch watching TV. My alarm went off at 11 (I set one just in case I fall asleep) and I got up to test my blood sugar and take my Levemir. I felt a little weird but figured that is because I was tired. I was very surprised to see a 38 on my meter. If you are looking at the time on my meter, I haven’t changed it yet. I grabbed some Smarties to treat the low with.

About an hour later, I woke up again. This time I started thinking that I didn’t take my Levemir. I grabbed for my insulin pen but I couldn’t get the dial turned to set a dose. I gave up and laid back down. I then thought that I really needed to take my insulin. I sat up and was staring at my meter and my pens and felt like I didn’t know what to do. I kept looking at my meter and thought I should test my blood sugar. When I tested, the meter said I was 69. I knew I felt too weird to be 69. I remember eating Smarties so figured there must be something on my hands.

I went to wash my hands and when I retested, I was 45. I felt worse than I did an hour earlier when I tested at 38. I was also soaking wet from sweating. I am guessing I dropped even lower than the 38 before the Smarties kicked in. I ate some more Smarties. Once I started regaining my senses, I figured out why I couldn’t get the knob turned on my Levemir pen – it was empty. I decided that since I really didn’t know for sure if I actually took my Levemir at 11 or not and I was sitting there soaking wet from a low, it probably wasn’t a good idea to take more.

I woke up to this on my meter Tuesday morning:

Blood sugar of 305
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2 thoughts on “Rough End to World Diabetes Day

  1. …..sigh…..and on it goes.
    The bracelets are gorgeous and reasonably priced. Now that I am off coumadin, I need to get a new one that just says insulin/dialysis. Perhaps a holiday present to myself!

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