The Book of Better

The Book of BetterA couple weeks ago, I was contacted by Three Rivers Press, which is part of the Crown Publishing Group at Random House. I was offered a promotional copy of The Book of Better. Underneath the title, it says “Life With Diabetes Can’t Be Perfect. Make It Better.” The book was designed and written by Chuck Eichten. Chuck is a Type 1 diabetic and creative director at Nike. Chuck setup a website to go along with the book. You can check that out here. Although Chuck is a Type 1, the book was designed for anyone with diabetes of any type. I looked at parts of the book online before telling the publisher I was interested in a copy. It did look like an interesting book to me. One of the screenshots had “Diabetes is a scary monster.” Right under that was the word “humorous.” How could I resist that?

My book came a week ago on Veteran’s Day. I haven’t had a chance to actually sit down and read it – I do plan to do that as soon as I finish getting my village up. I did skim thru it and it looks like it is a good book. The print is large print so that will help people with vision problems. There are pictures on a lot of the pages to add some visual effects. The parts that I have skimmed thru are humorous. I would say that the book is worth checking out.

DISCLAIMER: Although I did receive a free copy of The Book of Better, I received that copy of the book without having an obligation to write anything about the book.
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