Being Grateful

Sometimes life starts throwing lemons at you and sometimes, they come at you non-stop and you don’t feel like you can get out of the way fast enough. This has been one of those weeks for me.

When things are starting to gang up on me, I try to take a look at people around me. There are some people that seem to have everything in the world but are miserable people. I don’t think anything would make them happy. If being miserable is what it takes to have everything, then I wouldn’t want to trade places with them for anything.

When I was going thru my foot infection, I had been dealing with it for almost 1 ½ years when I got another little infection. That happened just prior to my starting HBO. I was starting to get frustrated with everything. A week later, I started HBO and met other people I would not have wanted to change places with. One guy was dealing with his wound for 3 years. Another woman had one of her legs amputated two years before and was fighting to save her remaining leg. When she was in the hospital getting her leg amputated, her husband had a heart attack and died. They let her go to his funeral, but she said she was so drugged up she didn’t remember it. She was someone that was in HBO every day telling jokes.

I have a friend that has cancer. Another friend’s brother has cancer. Yet another friend’s aunt has cancer. One friend recently lost her husband in an accident and this week, my friend with cancer lost her brother. Even though my week might not have been the greatest, I know it was better than what some of my friends are dealing with.

I think no matter how bad we “think” things are, there is someone in our life that is going thru a worse time than we are. Stop and take a look around – you might be surprised at what you see. Instead of complaining about the stuff you don’t have, be grateful for what you do have.
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10 thoughts on “Being Grateful

  1. My line is, “Everyone has their own sack of rocks.”
    Living in a retirement area (and working at a church), we go to a lot of funerals. Tends to make you grateful for each and every day.

  2. I have to admit – I’ve been abit depressed lately seeing a friend of my dealing with his 2nd bout of cancer and can’t put into words how helpless I feel with not being able to help – except for my support and helping raise monies to assist his family with mounting bills to help him fight this horrible disease.

    Like you say Kelly and Jim – we should be just grateful.

    • Anna, I am sorry about your friend. I am sure that helping to raise money is a huge support for your friend and his family. It seems a lot of people are being diagnosed with cancer. And even worse, I saw on CNN this AM there is a big shortage of some of the better cancer drugs.

  3. I’ve never been able to understand the “Misery loves company” school of thought. I am very happy when everybody around me is doing well. And as for myself, even when things are not going well, I’m still ecstatic just to be alive in an exciting time in human history. Life is good, and life with challenges is … well … at least it’s not boring.

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