Dreaming About Blood Sugar

More often than not, I don’t remember my dreams. Every once in awhile I do and although I sometimes dream about being diabetic a recurring dream for me is that I am walking around without my walker and then realize I lost it – hopeful thinking I guess! Last night I dreamt about testing my blood sugar. Part of it might have had to do with the fact blood sugar was on my mind when I went to sleep last night. Yesterday afternoon, I started having a lot of lows – every time I turned around, I was going low. I woke about 1 AM and felt low so testing my blood sugar – I was 66.

Besides all the lows I was having, my dog started drinking a lot and wanting out last night. He seems to have some internal clock that he wants out at certain times. He always goes out about 8 PM. When we came back in, he immediately went to his water bowl and started drinking water. About an hour later, he wanted out again. This drinking and wanting out went on until after midnight so of course, I started worrying that he is diabetic. Blood sugar was definitely on my mind when I went to sleep last night.

AccuChek Aviva blood sugar of 40In my dream I decided to buy a Bionime meter – that is the meter I wrote about in August that had a free meter offer. The meter did not look like the snazzy little meter in their pictures but looked more like the remote control for my TV. I really have to wonder if that explains why I fell asleep with the TV on last night but woke this morning to the TV being off. After trying the Wavesense Presto meter last year and that not picking up lows, a big concern I have with meters is their ability to test low. I ended up low in my dream and decided to test my blood sugar. The numbers were spinning around like the slot machines do and landed on 40. Instead of treating the low, I decided I should test my blood sugar with my AccuChek Aviva – it was only a dream, not real life! I tested 39 on the Aviva.

I guess since I had so many lows yesterday it is possible that I was actually low in my sleep, but I woke up to a nice 89 on my meter this morning.
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6 thoughts on “Dreaming About Blood Sugar

  1. I’m confused. You tested for low blood sugar, one meter said 40 so you didn’t treat it, and were relieved that your Aviva meter tested you at 39? Sounds like you were low!

    • Vin, I only dreamt about testing 40 and 39 with two different meters – it didn’t actually happen and there were no middle of the night tests on my meter. I guess I should have put a little note on the picture of 40 that it was an old picture and nothing to do with the dream. Sorry that I confused you!

  2. Yuck – diabetes dreaming…
    Maybe if you read something about tropical islands and warm beaches before you went to bed, your dreams would be different?
    Hope your dog is okay.

  3. I have gotten wildly fluctuating readings on several different brands of meters, even when I use the same meter twice in just 1-2 minutes. I don’t trust any of them, and I don’t plan to keep wasting money. I’ll just finish with the test strips that I have now, and then I’ll just try to stick with a high-protein low-carb weight loss diet after that. I have type 2 diabetes, so I probably can get away with stuff that type 1s couldn’t.

    • I have done that too Jim. Dexcom has you entering two tests for the first calibration and I started double checking all of them before entering numbers. I would sometimes do 5 tests just to get 2 close numbers.

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