Who Said Decorating Wasn’t Exercise

My original goal was to be able to light up my village for Thanksgiving. That didn’t quite work out as planned. I don’t even have my tree up let alone the village. The village itself takes about a week to get up so it will be the beginning of December before that is finished.  Now that I have started moving stuff, I am not sure putting it in my spare room was the best idea but I have too much stuff moved to turn back now. I have been moving village boxes upstairs but still have a bunch more to go.

I have a closet in the spare room that has what look like three big stairs built into it. I have two big containers filled with Christmas stuff and two even bigger ones filled with my tree and luggage normally stacked on top of the Christmas containers. I have my wheelchair in that closet along with a cart that I keep cleaning stuff on. That closet holds a lot of stuff when it is packed in nice and tight. I had to move the cart out along with all the little odds and ends (buckets and brooms) before I could start pulling the tree out. I thought it would be easier to empty the containers while they were in the closet then pull the empty one out to start another.

I have the tree pulled out and as soon as I post this, am going to work on pulling all the decorations out. I need to put all the containers and cleaning stuff back in the closet so I have room to build the tree. I don’t think the tree will get started today.

Village boxes

Closet Bottom

Closet Middle


Closet Top


Tree on floor
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4 thoughts on “Who Said Decorating Wasn’t Exercise

    • I probably wouldn’t be starting yet if it weren’t for my village taking so long and I put it around the tree. I did a lot of nibbling today but I didn’t have cookies – better get some tomorrow!

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished product Kelly! I went for coffee with the girls today and the shop was all decorated for Christmas. It was such a warm and cozy feeling. Cheers Joanne

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