Crazy Day

Blood sugar 394I didn’t do too bad with my blood sugar yesterday, but woke up to a 394 on my meter this morning. I still haven’t changed the time in my meter yet and it was actually 7:10 not 8:10. One of these days, I have to fix that! I was fine when I went to bed but decided I should probably take an extra unit of Levemir because I knew my blood sugar would start going up in the middle of the night. Guess I needed more than one unit.

My blood sugar started coming back down and I went to get on the treadmill. I was on it for about a minute or two when the power went out. It was only the power in the bedroom so I apparently overloaded the circuits. The first breaker I flipped turned the fan back on. My circuit breaker has a reset switch on and you have to hit things in a certain order or it doesn’t work. I guess I got lucky on my first try.

When I went to plug the treadmill back in, the power went out again. Because I had moved the treadmill from my spare bedroom into my bedroom so I have room to put my village up, I was using a heavy duty extension cord. Either the cord went bad or it was the outlet.  After I got the breaker reset again, I took the cord and plugged it in the hall. The treadmill apparently got stuck in “on” when the power went off and it started literally running with the belt going around. I pulled the power cord out. I really didn’t want to blow my treadmill up so decided today would not be a good day to exercise and I would need to find a place I can move the treadmill to that it can get plugged directly into an outlet.

I called my sister to see if she had any ideas. I needed to get rid of the toxic bed. I just got that bed the end of June and knew I wasn’t going to ever sleep on it again. My mother wanted to trade it for an older bed she has but I don’t want her getting sick. My sister offered to put it in her basement but I don’t want them getting sick either. She said she would talk to her husband when he got home.

They ended up coming with my brother’s van to take it. He is working in Afghanistan and has a storage unit with his stuff in. For now, it is going to stay in his van in the storage unit. I need to clean the rug really good and everything else that is in that room. Once I get the rug cleaned, I can move my treadmill over in front of the window and plug it in there.

I was supposed to decorate the tree today (I did get it put together on Wednesday). Better luck tomorrow!
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