Better Blood Sugar Day

I woke up at 69 and that was the lowest I went. I started going up after breakfast and decided not to take a correction because I planned on cleaning the rug in my bedroom. I started later than I planned, so ended up hitting 169. Compared to yesterday though, that was good. I hung out in the 80s for most of today so I can’t complain about that.

Santas on StairsI did a good chunk of the rug in my bedroom. I have to move a few things to get the rest, but the worst part is done. I brought a bunch of Christmas stuff downstairs then worked on the tree.  I am almost done with that. I thought I would be able to finish it this evening but didn’t quite get it done.

Tomorrow the rug will be dry and I can move the treadmill to a different outlet. I will finish up the tree. On Monday, I can finish the other decorations. Hopefully on Tuesday, I can start the village – crossing my fingers!

Can you tell am running out things to write about! NaBloPoMo will be over in a few more days.
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