Caught in the Act

I have been working on my village and am slowly getting there. I wanted to take a pic of the progress so far so left the room to get my camera. Apparently the cat decided to go under the tree when I left. When I came back, she came out from under the tree. I didn’t realize I had her in the picture until I downloaded the pictures.

Cat in Dickens Village

She usually finds a good route in (good for her, not necessarily for me). Last year, she decided to use the river and ended up breaking a flag on my bridge when she was jumping over it.
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4 thoughts on “Caught in the Act

  1. SHe is a beautiful kitty. I hope she doesn’t get the urge to take a chomp on the wires.
    When I was a kid we had a 20 lb Siamese who would climb the tree. We’d be in the kitchen having supper and hear the crash of ornaments………….

    • Thanks Kathy. She has really long white hair on her belly. She doesn’t normally chomp on the wires but she did try to climb the tree when I first got her. I had to get cat repellant to spray on the tree to keep her out of it. Did your cat ever knock the whole tree over?

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