All Your Meters Are Dead

AccuChek AvivaA couple months ago, I went to test my blood sugar when I woke up and kept getting some strange code on the screen. I thought it must be the battery so I went downstairs to look up the error code and it was the battery. No problem, I had a new one. I put the new battery in and it didn’t work. I then pulled out my backup meter and couldn’t believe that one came up with the dead battery code. Three dead batteries! I called my mother and she took me to the store so I could get batteries. I bought a couple packs so that I would have some extra ones.

Fast forward to last night. I was going to start dinner and pulled out my meter to test my blood sugar. Before I could get the strip in, someone knocked on my door. It was a neighbor and we sat and talked for awhile. It was going on 8 when she left. I tested my blood sugar, took some insulin and got dinner. A little after 9, I tested my blood sugar again. I was really surprised to see a number over 200 on my meter. I took a correction.

About a half an hour later, I thought that I would test my blood sugar again. Sometimes when my blood sugar starts going up like that for no reason, I like to make sure that the correction dose I took at least halted the climb. I picked up my meter and wanted to see the exact time that I had tested just to make sure it had been 30 minutes. The Aviva meter has a little button on the side you can push to turn the meter on and bring up previous readings. When I pushed the button, I felt a little pop. The button was pushed into the meter. The meter did not turn on.

I played with the button some and got the meter to turn on. I was able to see the time that I had tested my blood sugar. I went to do a new test and as soon as I put the strip in the meter, the display lit up with every single code that the meter can possibly display. I pulled the strip out, turned the meter off and tried again. Same thing.

I pulled out my backup meter. I knew that I had never replaced the dead battery so I figured the easiest thing to do would be to pull out the battery from my now dead main meter and put it in the backup. The backup meter didn’t turn on. Now I have two dead meters and no way to test my blood sugar. I had no clue if my blood sugar was still going up or the insulin kicked in.

I called AccuChek because my main meter is not that old and was covered under warranty. I talked to a customer service person and she said that they would overnight one to me and it would go out today and I would have it on Friday. I knew I would have to get a meter this morning – there was no way I could wait until Friday to get a meter.

When we were talking, I mentioned my backup meter being dead also. She asked for that serial number and I told her that meter was really old. I know they replaced one for me, but I think that particular one is my original Aviva that I got in 2008. The serial number is partially rubbed off on the back, that is how old it is.

After I told her that the serial number was partially rubbed off, she told me that she wanted me to try something. She had me pop the battery out and just push on one of the arrows. When I put the battery back in, it lit up! Whew, I now had a backup meter. She said that resets something on the inside. I never would have thought to do that and I have to wonder if a different customer service person would have known that.

Needless to say, that was a huge relief not worrying about spending the night without a meter. Now I am wondering since my meters seem to go in pairs, maybe I should have two backups instead of one.
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6 thoughts on “All Your Meters Are Dead

  1. I have a mini one touch for backup but that’s it. I have several Avivas but no strips for them. You’ve reminded me that I should probably pick up another one touch back up.

  2. I had a meter with a busted screen after my purse had hit the wall with the meter inside. Abbot was great and sent me out a new Freestyle Lite right away. Great customer service from these meter companies!

  3. I had this happen to me while on a trip for a conference out in San Diego – far from my home on East Coast and from anyone who could help me. One Touch also overnighted me a replacement meter (or was it back so long ago that it was ExacTec?). I remember how understanding they were, since I was in a similar panic. In the meantime, I went to the drugstore and purchased one little vial of regular color-coded bloodstrips which held me over until the meter arrived the next day. I’d almost forgotten about the color codes. That experience is definitely a little scarey and I kept checking throughout the night, but it’s a good reminder of how wonderful meters are, and how there are non-technical methods still, even if not ideal. I always carry two backup batteries, too. In case, one is faulty (also had that happen). Glad you’re back in business! I’ve never had an Aviva, so I’ll have to look that up!

    • I can’t imagine being out of town and having that happen Susan! I remember those ExacTec meters. It has been a long time since i had to use the color codes too. You are right, that would be better than not having anything.

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