Christmas Toys

My nephew (or should I say my sister got it for him to give to me!) got me a neat little gadget for Christmas – it is a Spike Light. You clip it onto a book to help light up the page that you are reading.

Spike Light

Although my vision is pretty good (20/40) and I only use OTC reading glasses to read with, my night vision is horrible since I had laser surgery for retinopathy. I love to read, but I need a bright light in order to be able to sit down and read a book. When my power went out at the end of October, I told my sister that I was bored and she suggested reading. I told her that I couldn’t even do that because it was too dark for me to read without a light on. The Spike Light uses a AAA battery, so I will be able to read if my power goes out again. It will come in handy for being able to read in the evenings also. I feel like I need to sit under a bright light to sit down and read after dark – I don’t have an overhead light in my living room to be able to sit and read while relaxing. I can do that now!

Thank you Brandon!
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