Hives, Foot and Thyroid Meds Fun

You know what they say, when it rains, it pours! Hopefully all the bad stuff is just getting out of the way so next year will be problem free!

On Christmas Eve, I was super itchy. After I got up on Christmas morning and went to take my shower, I discovered I had a bunch of hives on my back and arms. I was reluctant to take Benadryl because that stuff knocks me out, but decided to take some. I don’t know for sure what caused the hives, but the day before, I put on a different jacket when I took the dog for a stroll. My sister doesn’t think it could be that, but that was the only thing different.

After I took the Benadryl on Christmas, I haven’t been itchy and the hives seemed like they were getting better. Last night, I started getting itchy again so this time looked at my back and had a bunch of little red dots on my back. I took some more Benadryl. Yesterday was really cold and I put gloves on when I went over for the mail. I don’t know if it was the gloves or not, but I am starting a list to keep track of what was different when I got the hives. If they ever go away, I am going to try the things I think it could be again and see if I get them a second time with that particular item.

I went to get my shower this morning and noticed a bruise on my foot. Usually it takes about 2 days for a bruise to totally form and this one is not very blue yet so my guess is that it is fairly recent. At fist, I couldn’t think of what it could be. I remembered we stopped at the store on Tues and I got some cat litter. I told my mother to leave it at the bottom of the stairs but she insisted on carrying it up. She left it in the hallway and yesterday when I went up and rounded the corner where it was sitting, smashed my foot into it.


Earlier in the month, I ordered my thyroid medicine from the Canadian pharmacy I have been using for a couple years now. It usually takes a little over a week once they ship it for me to get it. It was supposedly shipped on December 8th and I still don’t have it. After I checked the mail today, I called them. It was 3 weeks today. The guy I talked to gave me a tracking number for DHL – they have never shipped DHL before so that surprised me. He said that he wasn’t able to trace it from where he was at. I made him hold on while I tried the number and it didn’t come up in the DHL system. He said that he would have to have someone call me back.

After I hung up, I logged into my account and they did have a tracking number – the one he had given me was one digit short. I clicked on track from there, but it went to the Canadian Post Office and didn’t come up. I went back to DHL and plugged the new number in. According to the DHL tracking system, they attempted delivery on Monday December 12th – two and a half weeks ago. It says “shipment on hold.”

I called DHL and the guy said that they had a bad address – they had the address right, the driver apparently didn’t know where it was so it has been sitting at DHL. I said that I didn’t understand why it said Harrisburg because I live about 2 1/2 hours from Harrisburg.  He said that was their sorting center so that is why it says Harrisburg.

I gave him my phone number and the apartment name and they are going to re-attempt delivery tomorrow. I told him it was medicine that I need. I hope it is a different driver. I am grateful it wasn’t insulin – I would be dead waiting for them to show up. I am going to be even more annoyed if it shows up and my phone number was on the label from the beginning.

After I talked to DHL, I called the pharmacy back to let them know I had talked to DHL. I think the second guy was sampling some of the product. First he asked me why they would ship it DHL – like I am supposed to know that. I think I told him at least 3 times I talked to DHL and they will deliver it tomorrow and he told me they would call DHL. I said it isn’t necessary for them to call DHL because I talked to them and they are delivering it tomorrow. Then it was, “oh, you talked to them.”


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6 thoughts on “Hives, Foot and Thyroid Meds Fun

  1. Ow on the foot.
    Fooey on the shipping. FedEx drove around for 3 days with a replacement Dexcom sensor. No clue why.
    Hives – been there, done that and it’s not fun. Mine were caused by food sulfites – figuring it out took forever. Being Catholic helped. Hmmm, maybe I should write about that.

    • I don’t really understand some of these delivery people. I can understand if they could not find the place, but it had been 2 1/2 weeks – surely they could have picked up the phone by now.

      I have been afraid that it could be from food. Not sure which is worse – food or clothes. Kind of need both! Yes, you need to write about that Colleen – it will help people like me narrow it down! I am guessing it was something that you gave up for Lent that helped you figure it out!

  2. Well, I’ve wondered where you’ve been! Your post made ME itch! Hope things get better soon and people stay out of your meds! Have a wonderful New Years!!! Kimmy

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