A Little Bit of Everything

I had planned on getting back to writing about diabetes stuff more regularly this week. That obviously did not happen.

Blue Fridays in NovemberI learned this week that Blue Fridays wasn’t just for November but has been extended to include the first Friday of every month. You can see the reminder post in Facebook here.

I have been having some internet issues so that was the big reason I have been offline this week. It actually first started back in December and has been off and on since then. On Monday, my cable connection was slower than having dial-up and it was like that most of the day. I had called when it happened the first time and after that experience, was reluctant to call again. On Monday, I had enough and made the phone call. The customer service person told me that she could see that my connection was extremely slow all day and had been slow all week.

After a little bit of frustration, I got them to send a technician out Tuesday morning. He tested my modem and said it was fine. However, he also told me that the person I spoke with would not have been able to see that it was slow. He replaced the cable because I have a long cable running from where the outlet is to my computer on the other side of the room. There was a kink in the cable. He said that he would try that and if I still had problems, to give them a call back. It worked for awhile after he left then around lunchtime, it got slow again.

When I called back that it was still doing it, I ended up hanging up on the guy I was talking to. I was going to cancel my service but sent an email to the corporate office. Someone called me Tuesday evening and she told me that she could see that my connection was dropping off and fit with what I said it was doing. She also said that at times it was in a red zone, meaning that it was really bad. She didn’t understand why the tech did not replace the modem so she wrote up a new work order and said the modem had to be replaced.

Yesterday afternoon, two guys showed up. They replaced the modem and something in the utility box. They also went to the box outside and did something out there. A person from the corporate office had emailed while I was out yesterday and his emailed sounded like I was upset with the first tech that came. I told the guy that was a supervisor that I didn’t have a problem with the tech that came. He did not assure me that what he did would work but said, “Let’s try this and if it doesn’t work, call us back.” My problem was with the customer service people that were so rude. He said that he hears that all the time. When they left, I was given three months free of both HBO and Starz.

Last night, a co-worker of the woman that called me Tuesday night called and she is supposed to call tonight (she wasn’t going to be there yesterday). This morning the supervisor that was here yesterday called to check up on things. He said that he didn’t know which of things they changed actually fixed the problem, but was glad that it was working better. He offered to follow-up again, but I didn’t feel it was necessary.

My brother has been working in Afghanistan as a private contractor. He finished his contract and was to land in Dubai about 5 AM our time Tuesday morning. It was a big relief to wake up and see the email that he was there. Yesterday afternoon, his plane landed in the States and he will be in PA today. I am sure I am not the only one in my family hoping that he stays out of war zones in the future.

On Tuesday, my nephew got sick with the flu. I called my mother early yesterday morning to let her know my brother had emailed that he was in Paris and my mother was sick. She was supposed to take me shopping yesterday but my brother-in-law took me instead. He had the flu on New Years so figured he didn’t have the germs to share. By the time he went to leave the house to come pick me, my sister was starting to get sick.

I had an appointment this afternoon with the pulmonary guy and was supposed to have another methacholine challenge test. When my sister called me yesterday morning to tell me that my brother-in-law was going to take me shopping, she said she would get me to my doctor’s appointments (I had the lung one today and a plastic surgeon tomorrow to remove a mole). I was worried that if my mother was still sick and my sister got sick, my brother-in-law would need to be home to get my nephew from school so I rescheduled my appointment. I made a good call there since my sister got sick. Out of the two, I would rather get the mole removed. Hopefully everyone is back to normal by Friday and I don’t get it.

I started taking my village down on Monday. I was going to leave it up for a little longer this year, but the memory foam bed that I didn’t want to use is sitting in my brother’s van in his storage unit. He originally did not think that he would be leaving before the end of January. My mother is insisting that I take an older bed in her spare bedroom and she will put the bed I had in there. I personally think it is toxic and no one should use it, but she isn’t giving up on the swap. I made good progress with the village Monday and Tuesday but didn’t touch it yesterday between shopping and the cable guys coming. I have three more things to box up and need to pick up the lights, snow and boards then I can start on the tree.

I hope to get back on track with diabetes stuff!

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