I Fired My Pump Back Up

Animas PingI quit using my pump after the second one died last March. I only pumped for about 8 months before throwing in the towel. A big problem for me was site issues. I seemed to build up scar tissue pretty fast. I had sites fail fairly fast. It was rare to get 48 hours out of a site Every time I turned around, I was going high because of a failed site. The problems were not worth the good things about the pump.

Someone that read my problems with memory foam contacted me and she mentioned that she changes her sites daily because of the problems she had. I started thinking that could be an option for me also. It certainly would be worth trying. Whether or not I can actually get enough sets to change sites every 24 hours is a whole other issue, but if I can avoid the highs by changing sites at 24 hours, then that would make pumping worthwhile for me.

Back in December, I wrote about having problems with my blood sugar and it turned out to be the Levemir pen. That pen was the 4th pen in a box of 5. I didn’t have any problems with the first three pens nor with the fifth one. As soon as I changed the Levemir pen out, my blood sugar went back to normal. I had two good weeks of blood sugar and after opening a new box of Levemir, things were going whacky again. I did have the flu last weekend, so I wasn’t sure whether it really was the insulin or just me. I put the first pen in the new box in a baggy and started a new pen. I still kept having problems. Yesterday afternoon for my 3 PM shot, I decided to take out the third pen in that box. It was like I injected water, I just kept going higher and higher. I kept bumping up my dosage – I literally added 8 units to my total daily dose, which was almost 50% of what I was using.

This morning I didn’t know what to do. I know something isn’t right and it isn’t like I can just go and get a fresh box of pens. I decided that if I was thinking about trying the pump again, this would be a good time to do that. When I went back to MDI, I added 25% to my pump basal to come up with what I would use for Levemir and that worked out really good. To start my pump up today, I took 25% off my old Levemir dose before I started bumping it up. If it was bad insulin and not something with me, I didn’t want to get too much basal. If it is me, then I will end up going a little high.

I started the pump up a little before noon today. Since I did take Levemir this AM, I did a temp basal of zero until about 3 PM when I would have taken my Levemir.

Animas Temp Basal

Cross your fingers that this works!
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6 thoughts on “I Fired My Pump Back Up

  1. Hey Kelly – hope the pump works out better for you this time – along with your infusion sites. Not sure about you – but I have a problem with the teflon in the infusion sets (plastic bits inserted into your body). Animas sent me some samples of the Contact Detach (actually a WHOLE box) – and i fell in love with these – as no problems after 24 hours with irritation/etc. – I can leave these infusion sets in for 36 hours with no problems below or above surface. I actually did abit of a test lately with leaving the infusion set in for almost 5 days – and have determined that 3 days is my best bet for having no bumps under the skin. It’s worth a try with these infusion sets if you’ve never tried them. The infusion needle comes in 6/8mm length (I use the longer ones) – and are 29 gauge. You have to insert them manually, and I think you have probs with your fingers, so you may find them abit tricky at first pinching the plastic bits on the side of the infusion set – but see if you can get some samples at least.

    • Anna, I discovered a Teflon allergy pretty early in the pumping process so exchanged all those sets for the metal ones. I had both the Contact Detach sets and the Orbit Micros. I actually had more problems with the Contact Detach and they fizzled out faster than the Orbits – I am guessing because the needle was thicker. You are right, the plastic piece is hard to get pulled out and that was another thing I didn’t like about them.

      I put the Orbits in for 24 hours and when I changed it out at noon yesterday, my skin looked OK when I pulled it out. By last night, I was itchy in the spot I pulled it out and this morning had a red welt and am super itchy. When I changed the site, I used the Contact Detach for the 2nd site. That one almost didn’t go in because I had such a hard time getting it pulled apart to even get it primed and on! The 2nd site was also itchy this AM. Not sure that one will make it the full 24 hours although I did take some Benadryl when I got up and that does seem to help some.

      One problem with the Contacts was I sent the 8 mm because the supply place didn’t have the 6 mm ones. I have heard that 2 mm can make a big difference. They are painful for me and even if I didn’t have an allergic reaction to them, not sure I would want to put up with the pain just to use a pump. At least I tried!

  2. Man, that must be SO FRUSTRATING! I’m sorry to hear about the continued issues with the pens, Kelly. Hope the quick turnover on sites works out for you. I’m not sure that I could get on board with that frequency, personally- my issue has always been just not wanting to change sites. So I’ve left them in way too long and caused problems by doing so. That’s led to some scar tissues and skin indentations (can’t recall the actual medical term for that at the moment). Still, if it’s a matter of the crazy pen activity or that, I’m hoping that does the trick. Good luck!

    • Thanks Mike! The joys of high blood sugar – there are 50 million things that you have to go thru to figure it out. So far the pump is helping so I can point my finger at the Levemir, but it is also reminding me of some of the things I didn’t like. Maybe after a few days, I will settle in. I liked not hearing an alarm at 7 AM this morning although the dog alarm went off at 5:30 after hearing the snow plow outside.

  3. Oh, I REALLY hope, REALLY, REALLY, that this will work for you!! Living life inside the pinball machine of diabetes is SO hard, and ANYTHING that helps would be SO worth it. That is, if you can get the bureaucracy to cooperate! Hoping for the best!

    • Thanks Natalie! It does feel like a pinball machine sitting on a roller coaster! So far, so good. Getting supplies will be a whole different ballgame though. If this works and I can’t get enough to change every day, I will take what I can get and change every 24 hours till I run out of supplies.

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