Another Ping Bites the Dust

Animas PingFriday I wrote that I decided to try the pump again because I suspected I had some bad Levemir again. I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t something with me causing the problem. Animas replaced the Ping that died in March last year and the pump has been sitting in a drawer and was not used until when I opened it up on Friday. Someone told me that she was changing her sites every 24 hours to avoid site problems so I thought that was worth trying.

It was around noon on Friday when I put the first site. For the most part, I did really well with that. I used the Orbit Micro sets first because the needle is thinner and sites seem to do better with them. My one problem with the Orbits is if I turn over and sleep on a site at night, I seem to cut my insulin off. I woke up a little high Saturday morning because I slept on the site, but the correction worked a little too well and I was low before I knew it.

When I changed the site out at noon on Saturday, I decided to use the Contact Detach sets. I don’t like those because the needle is thicker and they hurt. They also never seemed to last as long and I tend to bleed a lot and get bruising. I had good blood sugar until I went to bed Saturday night and woke up high. Corrections were not working so I changed the site out about 10 AM Sunday morning and my blood sugar went back to normal. I didn’t get 24 hours out of the first site with the Contact Detach.

As far as site problems, Saturday evening I started getting pretty itchy where the Orbit one was. By Sunday morning, I had a nice red welt where the site was and I still have the red welt. I have bruising with the two Contact Detach sites, but the “holes” where the needle was stuck in are hardly noticeable at all, even though they were itchy while I was using them

Sunday I was tired and decided to take a nap. When I woke up, I was low. My blood sugar started going up and my first thought was that I over treated the low. Corrections weren’t working and I kept going higher. About 7 PM Sunday evening, I thought that site died also and would need changed. When I went to pull the site, I noticed that there was a lot of air in the tubing – I had that problem with the other two Animas Pings. I am not going round again with Animas. Third time is a charm and I only wore this pump 55 hours before starting to have problems. I did go thru all the procedures to help prevent bubbles. My insulin was sitting out before putting it in the cartridge and the cartridge sat upright before putting it in the pump. I give up!

I know a bunch of people using Minimed pumps and don’t seem to have all the problems that I have had. I am going to call MM and see if I can get some kind of trade in for a defective Ping. There are things about pumping that I really like and I thought I finally found a way around the site issues.

Because I had bad Levemir, I started taking Apidra every two hours to work as a basal insulin. For the most part, I have had very good readings. Once I pulled the pump, it took about two hours for my blood sugar to come down and other than at 7 AM this morning, I was running between 70 and 104. I was in the 90s at 5 AM so thought I would bump the Apidra up a little. That was a mistake because I was 40 when my alarm went off at 7. The rest of the day has been doing pretty good. Too bad that I need to get sleep because taking Apidra every two hours seems to work the best for me.
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8 thoughts on “Another Ping Bites the Dust

  1. Darn Kelly – so sorry to hear of all the probs with both the infusion sets AND the pump. I guess I’ve been really lucky with not having any major probs with my Animas 2020 (warranty of that pump is running out on April – can’t believe – 4 years now).

    I hear many good reviews from MM users – so if they want your business – hopefully you can do a trade-in with not too much mnies exchanged. I had tried MM initially – when test driving pumps (we only had a few types here in Canada compared to you folks in the USA – so decision was easier ). I didn’t like the customer support when having probs with my MM pump – as well – screen was smaller for my aging eyes (I’m abit older then you remember). If MM can let you do a test drive without any monies exchanged – like I was able to do – go for it!!!

    Here’s to you having normal levels of BG’s – without too many roller coaster rides.

    • Anna, I know a bunch of people who really love their 2020s. One person in the Animas group on TuD had one and she said she read so many horror stories about the Ping, she was worried what will happen when she can’t use her 2020 anymore. Can’t say I blame her! I have to put glasses on to read the Ping anyway. I just use OTC reading glasses, but I need them to see. I didn’t think about asking to test drive one – that is a great idea! Yesterday, I Googled metal set allergies and apparently they have nickel in which is a common allergy – since I haven’t been officially tested yet, I don’t know for sure what allergies I have, I just know I am having problems. I do worry that if I get the MM pump, I will have a problem with their sets so that is a great idea to try it out. I have heard that the MM customer service has gone downhill.

      • This is why Kelly – I’m hanging onto my 2020 as long as it continues to work (and I don’t have to fork out $7K for a new one with a warranty). I’m like that gal who posted on Tudiabetes – I hope the 2020 keeps on being made (not sure if the Ping is more – something I’ll have to do research on). I’m not really intererested in carrying another battery operated device as well – which is part of the attractive for many Ping users – so they can bolus/etc. without pulling the pump out. I don’t mind unclipping from my pant line / leg holder or just plain flipping my skirt up and revealing my old lady knickers – main thing – 2020 has as of yet – not given me all the probs that you’ve had with the Animas Ping. Too bad they couldn’t offer you a 2020 – and you could see if it would work better. Now – is that something you’ve not thought of doing? Hmmmm, how do we take over the world next my friend? LOL

      • I don’t blame you for hanging onto the 2020 Anna! I did read somewhere with all the Animas/FDA problems that they are going to be using a different manufacturer – I don’t know if that will solve the problems or not. I liked the idea of the remote, but I rarely used it. I did actually wonder if they would send me a 2020 instead of another Ping but I thought that might be pushing it! There is no way I will accept another Ping. If I can’t trade it for a MM or 2020, it will be sent back to my insurance company and they can decide what they want to do with it.

  2. Sorry to hear the Ping’s not working for you. I was initially very worried about skin irriation as it seems like even a band-aid gives me issues. But, haven’t had any skin problems, yet. I also read about air bubbles and so, I worried about that too. Hasn’t happened, as far as I know…
    Wishing you much better luck!

    • I am glad you aren’t having any skin problems Colleen. Amazingly, I don’t think it is the adhesive stuff that is bothering me – I think is just the needle inside. I am guessing I would have a bigger red area if it was the adhesive. Hopefully you don’t have bubble problems!

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