Did You Talk to Your Doctor?

I hate when people ask me that question! Diabetes is a self-management disease. What part of self-management do they not understand? Yesterday when I called the Levemir people again about the bad insulin, the guy I talked to asked me if I have talked to my doctor. I understand that he probably has a little script to follow, but why do I need to talk to my doctor? I had told him that my blood sugar went high with the Levemir and by using my Apidra every 2 hours, my blood sugar was staying in a good range. To me, common sense says that because my BS is in good range with Apidra, that is most likely an insulin problem not a Kelly problem.

This morning, I called my pharmacy to let them know that another box of Levemir would be coming today and asked if they could call me when it got there. My mother is going to pick it up and bring it to me. The person I talked to at my pharmacy said, “Did you talk to your doctor?”

Why do I need to talk to my doctor? I have had problems with insulin in the past. Usually when you use fresh insulin that is good, your BS goes back to normal. All the Levemir I had came thru the same source. I don’t know if the distributor or my pharmacy has a problem with their refrigerator and it is not being stored properly. I don’t know if the distributor didn’t bother to properly cool it when they sent it to the pharmacy. I do know that my BS went up right after starting the new box in January. I do know my BS came back to normal using a dose of Apidra that was 25% smaller than the Levemir dose that worked before all the problems started. Why do I need to contact my doctor if I have bad insulin? What is he going to tell me to do other than trying fresh insulin? I want fresh insulin from a different source to rule out a problem with the distributor.

I know there is a possibility that my body doesn’t like Levemir anymore. Until I know for sure that I didn’t have bad insulin, I am not going to worry about that. If it turns out that I am having a problem with the Levemir, then I will pick up the phone and call my doctor to ask him to call in a script for the insulin that I want to try. My doctor is merely a script writer. It is my body and I will decide what is best for it, not him.

I get angry when people treat us like we are idiots. We are the ones living with this disease 24/7. It doesn’t go away. We are the ones that feel like crap when our BS is out of whack. I think the fact that I am willing to set my alarm every 2 hours so I can take Apidra shows that I am willing to put a little effort into figuring out the problem and fixing it. I DO NOT NEED TO CALL MY DOCTOR. Quit asking me if I did that.
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2 thoughts on “Did You Talk to Your Doctor?

  1. Yup, it’s annoying. I think you’re right, it’s probably part of their required “things to say when…,” and there’s not a whole lot we can do about it.

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