Levemir is Working!

My new box of Levemir that came directly from Novo Nordisk is working. My mother dropped it off about 4:30 on Wednesday afternoon. I took some at 5:00. My regular schedule with Levemir would have been to take it at 3:00, but I was taking the Apidra every 2 hours using odd hours. Since I planned to take the Apidra at 5:00, I took the Levemir instead.

The evening started off a little rough. I had taken my Apidra for dinner and was in the kitchen when someone knocked on the door. It was the manager where I live and she asked if she could come in. She threw off my timing and I ended up going low before I could eat dinner.

At 8:00, I was 170 so I took a correction. At 9:00, the panic started setting in that the Levemir wasn’t going to work – I was 237. Usually when I take a correction, it at least stops the rise. When I had the bad Levemir, corrections weren’t working at all. Your basal is the foundation and if you have a faulty foundation, nothing works. When I saw the 237, I of course started worrying that this new box of Levemir wasn’t going to work either.

Blood Sugar 237

At 10:00, I started to relax some. The correction had started to kick in and I was down to 160. The Levemir must be working in the background or I wouldn’t have come down that far.

Blood Sugar 160

At 11:00, a big sigh of relief – I was down to 99. I took my 11:00 PM Levemir as normal but I still was not going to totally trust the Levemir. I set my alarm for 2:00 AM just to make sure.

Blood Sugar 99

I saw this at 2:00 AM. Although I was doing the happy dance, I knew that my 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM Levemir shots had a two hour overlap so that could explain the good number I saw at 2:00 AM.

Blood Sugar 92

I reset my alarm for 5:00 AM and this was on my meter:

Blood Sugar 117

I have problems with DP so I attributed the BS starting to go up a little at 5:00 as a DP problem, not an insulin problem. With the bad boxes of Levemir, I was waking up over 200 so the 117 was music to my ears. I took a small dose of Apidra and went back to sleep until 7. I started my day off here:

Blood Sugar 78

The day held pretty good until late afternoon when I was at the pulmonary doctor. They did a methacholine challenge test and gave me some albuterol after the testing was done. Albuterol sends my BS straight up and then straight back down. I knew any rises in BS were due to that, not the Levemir.

I am back on course and hopefully will only have to deal with normal strange highs not bad insulin highs. I have had some Levemir problems in the past. Whether it is a manufacturing problem or something is happening along the distribution path, I don’t know.

What I have learned is I am not going to play around as long as I did trying to figure it out. If it happens again, as much as I hated doing it, I will start taking my Apidra every two hours to rule out whether it is the Levemir or not. If I do have another bad box of Levemir, I am not going to mess with another box from my pharmacy. I will insist that Levemir replace the box with a box directly from them and I am not going to wait 3-5 days to get one.
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2 thoughts on “Levemir is Working!

  1. So glad to hear that the batch of Levemir from the company is working for you. If I’d not read this news – I was going to suggest – go back to Lantus. That’s what I had to do with my allergic reaction to Levemir. Though, I wasn’t experiencing high BG’s like you were with the bad batch of Levemir – just swelling/jhard lump of injection site, along with a few wierd reactions on my face (cheap nip/tuck for enlarged lips ).

    So, here’s to smooth sailing for you for now on. Glad to hear that with the Apidra every 2 hours that at least you could stay okay for BG’s until the Levemir came thru’. Now you’ll be sleeping well at night and not having to get up every 2 hours!! Whoo! Whoo!

    • Thanks Anna! It took me a couple nights of sleeping all night to catch up on my lack of sleep. At least it was an option though – something I wouldn’t have known to try without the DOC. I used Lantus before switching to Levemir and didn’t have very good luck with it, but I also didn’t know anything about basal testing or split doses when I used it. Not sure what would happen with what I know today, but I am glad I didn’t have to find out.

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