28 Year Diaversary

With all the Levemir fun I was having this week, I forgot that I had picked January 25th to celebrate my Diaversary.

Last year, I wrote about not knowing the exact date in January. I know that it happened in 1984 between the Super Bowl on January 22nd and January 31st. I picked the 25th as the midway point that week (I started from the 23rd since I know I wouldn’t have found out on Sunday). I bet my cousin a case of beer on the Super Bowl that year. The Raiders won the Super Bowl so my cousin owed me a case of beer. She wanted to wait until she got paid to get it for me. By the time she got paid on the 31st, I had found out that I was diabetic and “thought” I could never drink again so I never collected my winnings. Every once in awhile I do bring that up and she has offered to get me a case of beer, but I really don’t need a case of beer. It is more fun to have the “someone owes me a case of beer” than actually collect it. For me, the Raiders and beer will always be a symbol of the year I was diagnosed.

I didn’t do anything exciting to celebrate this year. I was anxiously awaiting my new box of Levemir on the Wednesday and then crossing my fingers that it would work. Last year I did have some beer but didn’t do that this year. Maybe next week I will get some and wait until Super Bowl Sunday to celebrate, even though the Super Bowl is in February this year and the Raiders aren’t playing.

I only have 2 more years to go to hit the Big 30. Maybe the Raiders will beat the Redskins in the Super Bowl again for my 30th Diaversary. Then I will really celebrate!
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10 thoughts on “28 Year Diaversary

  1. Kelly, my browser crashed which is why you have 2 comments from me. Feel free to pick the one that you want to use. I can’t find your email or I’d email rather than another comment! Sorry! dHugs! Aliza

  2. Happy 28th diaversary, Kelly!!! Here is to celebrating you and all of the hard work that you’ve put in for so long. Wishing you many, many more diaversaries, and lots of dHugs!!

  3. Happy Diaversary, Kelly! Like you, I also don’t know the exact date but choose my own in early March – because that’s roughly about the time the diagnosis came in 1984. And I’m nearing my 28th d-birthday, too! Here’s to hitting that mark and getting closer to that Big D-30 in a couple years!

    • Thanks Mike. I don’t know why but I was thinking that you were diagnosed before I was. There are a bunch of us that seemed to be diagnosed in 84. Wonder what was in the water that year!

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