What Now? Crazy BS or DP?

I swear as soon as you get one problem solved, something else rears its ugly head! Since I got my new box of Levemir last week, my blood sugar has been fairly good other than when I decided to treat myself with some homemade peanut butter cups – I know, bad but they were good!

Monday was a very good blood sugar day and my blood sugar was in good shape when I went to bed Monday night. A friend of mine sent me some expired Dexcom sensors that she had so I am using my Dexcom again – even though the sensors are expired, they are doing really great. About 4:00 AM Tuesday morning, I heard the Dexcom beep. I have my high alarm set at 120 and it had me a little above that. When I went to bed, it was a little below my meter so I thought that I was probably higher than 120. I grabbed my meter and tested. I saw this on my meter:

AccuChek Aviva blood sugar 111

Everything was good so I went back to sleep. Before falling asleep, I thought about taking some Apidra even though my BS was good because I have been having some DP problems. Usually my BS starts going up sometime between 5 and 6 and I thought 4 was too early to take Apidra so I figured that was not a good idea. My alarm went off at 7 and I hit the snooze alarm before deciding to grab for my meter. Big mistake!

AccuChek Aviva blood sugar 210

How could I have gone from 111 to 210 in three hours? My DP has never been that bad before. Usually DP for me means going up to 140-160 in the AM. I had no food in my stomach. The only thing I had to eat (technically drink) Sunday and Monday was Boost so I know it was not delayed digestion.

Last night I thought besides setting my regular alarm clock for 7 AM, I would set the alarm on my phone for 5 AM and take some Apidra. At 5 AM my BS was good but I still took some Apidra. I went back to sleep and when my alarm went off at 7, instead of first hitting the snooze alarm, I took my Levemir. That I normally take without adjusting my dose. After taking my Levemir, I turned over and hit the snooze alarm again. Then I heard the Dexcom beep so I picked that up. Dexcom had me at 232 and climbing. WTF! I picked up my meter and that was not much better!

AccuChek Aviva blood sugar 231

I was almost down to the bottom of my Apidra pen and that does have a bad habit of dying early. Just in case the Apidra was dead and didn’t kick in at 5, I decided to come downstairs first and get a fresh pen before taking any insulin this morning. I am back to normal, at least until tomorrow morning!

AccuChek Aviva blood sugar 110 and Dexcom

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6 thoughts on “What Now? Crazy BS or DP?

  1. Ugh, don’t you hate when things just go wacky for no reason. All week I’ve been suddenly spiking into the 200s mid-morning, no matter what I eat for breakfast. I’m blaming stress and my monthly cycle, but who knows!! Hope you’re BGs and DP even out soon!

    • Sorry that you are having problems too Karen. I hope I am not contagious! Mine did even out by setting my alarm for 5 to take some insulin but I can’t go back to sleep once I do that.

    • It is annoying Victoria! That has to be extremely annoying that it is not consistent for you. At least with mine, it ends up being consistent but it does stop for awhile then start again. We have enough headaches without DP!

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