Because You Are Going to Kill Them!

On Tuesday, someone landed on my blog with the search term, “why can you not withhold insulin in type 1” (that is the highlighted one towards the bottom). I wish I knew who it was so I could tell them that they are going to kill the person. I seem to get the withholding insulin searches a lot. I wrote about it last summer after a search showed up and now I seem to get more and more of those searches.

Withholding insulin search

It just blows my mind that medical people think it is actually OK to withhold insulin. I had it happen to me twice when I was in the hospital. I have since learned what rights I have. I can assure you that as long as I am conscious, that will never happen to me again. I will transfer out of that hospital to one that actually understands diabetes. Before being transferred, I will demand to speak to the director of the hospital so that they know doctors working in that hospital are putting people’s lives in danger. Once I am safe at home, I will go to every doctor’s rating site that there is and put in the comment portion of the rating about that doctor withholding insulin so anyone that searches that doctor’s name knows that they withhold insulin and should be avoided like the plague.

Any doctor or nurse that thinks it is OK to withhold insulin should not be allowed anywhere near a diabetic, regardless of what type that person is. Most Type 1s generally don’t produce any insulin (and I know for a fact that I don’t because of my c-peptide test). Type 2s produce some insulin, but they are still working with a defective pancreas so withholding insulin from them is not healthy either.

After I wrote the article last summer, a father commented on that post about his daughter getting an infection in her heart and not regaining alertness after a stroke. The hospital stopped giving her insulin and he felt like they killed her. Unless the daughter had a living will, then they did kill her. It is not possible for a Type 1 to survive without insulin. That scares the crap out of me that could happen to me someday.

If you landed here because of a search about withholding insulin, you should be ashamed of yourself! You obviously slept thru your Diabetes 101 course and have no understanding about diabetes of any type. I suggest you take some courses and try to stay awake this time. Read Using Insulin by John Walsh or Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner to get some understanding about insulin.
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2 thoughts on “Because You Are Going to Kill Them!

  1. I’ve never trusted hospitals (my mom hasn’t either), and I’m always convinced they’ll try to kill me if I’m not watching. My wife has specific instructions on what to do and not let them do if I wind up in that situation… which did happen once, and she had to argue with them and demand they call my endo before doing anything without her/my consent.

    • I can’t say I never trusted them Mike but after having a couple bad experiences and hearing about other people’s experiences, I don’t trust them anymore. I am glad that you have your wife to stand up for you if you can’t. I think we all need someone that will do that for us.

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