Crash: Bad Timing

People For Quality Care BadgeI don’t think that there is ever a good time to have your blood sugar crash, but some days are just far worse than others. Last week, People For Quality Care asked me if I would participate in a town hall teleconference that they were having for the Philadelphia area yesterday afternoon. Philadelphia is included in the next areas to be added to the Medicare competitive bidding program. I would discuss the program’s impact on diabetics.

This was a big step outside of my comfort zone. I do much better in one-on-one situations or very small groups. I freeze in front of large groups. I worked for a company that was buying the company from the previous owner when he died. His estate had various terms that had to be agreed to. At one point, they had questions on the financial statements. My boss didn’t want to go and I had to sit with our attorney on one side of the table and was grilled by the estate’s attorney and accountant. I had no problem doing that but another time, I had to speak in front of about 100 employees. I knew most of them but when I had to stand up in front of everyone at once, I shook. I figured being on the phone would be easier than being in person. I was honored to be asked to this and terrified at the same time.

PFCQ made arrangements to call me at 2:45 yesterday afternoon. The teleconference call would actually start at 3:00. At 2:30, my blood sugar was 100. Normally, I start creeping up the closer we get to 3:00 – that is when I take my afternoon Levemir and it is wearing off by the time the 8 hours is up. I was expecting for my blood sugar to start creeping up. I took my Levemir a little before they called me so that I didn’t have to worry about that. I put my Dexcom on my desk so I could watch that. I also turned off all the alarms so that they did not start beeping at me while I was on the conference call. I was ready to go.

SmartiesRight after they called me, my blood sugar started going down. That wasn’t part of the plan! I grabbed some Smarties and was trying to quietly suck on those so no one would hear me. One reason that things with Dextrose in works better is they start working in your mouth. Sucking on them should make them work faster, right? No, I kept going down.

My blood sugar bottomed out at 52 on the Dex. I didn’t test on my meter because of trying not to make noise so I didn’t really know if I was lower than 52 but I kept telling myself that the Dex stopped going down so I won’t go lower. All I could see was that 52 on the Dex screen when it was my turn to talk. Now instead of being nervous about talking, I was worried about my blood sugar being 52 and not being able to think straight.

Dexcom Glucose Trend

Now I know that 100 is not a safe number and I should have had some Smarties before they called me!
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6 thoughts on “Crash: Bad Timing

  1. Doesn’t sound like much fun while low, but I’m sure you did a great job.
    But – next time you’re trying to treat highs, why not arrange a teleconference call…???
    Just kidding, sort of.

  2. Ah, what terrible timing. 😦 I know stress usually causes spikes – but I’m wondering if this type of stress, the nerves over speaking to a large group, maybe caused the drop. Stranger things have happened, right?

    So, I’m betting the talk went beautifully regardless? Good for you for stepping outside of your comfort zone!

    • I do have a friend that sometimes goes low with stress Karen. I didn’t even think of that as a cause but you might be right there! It went pretty good. I felt like I made a come-back after my BS came back up!

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