Get a Life!

Sticking tongue outYou really have to wonder about some people. I decided to use the title “get a life” because that seemed to be a common phrase that was used when I told some of my friends what was going on.

Last year, I wrote about a problem that I had with a stalker – he was someone that I met when I did HBO. He sent emails to me and then started calling and hanging up. Fortunately, even though the calls were coming up as anonymous, I was able to trace them. I had to file a police report before Comcast would release the information and it was released directly to the police, not me. I told the police who I thought it was even before the report came back and I was right.

Yesterday, I got two emails from him – he apparently did not understand when he was told by the police to leave me alone or charges would be filed. After the second email came in, I called the police here to let them know that I want to pursue charges. That is obviously the only way that he will ever leave me alone.

This morning, I looked to see what the requirements to get a restraining order were. I was very surprised to learn that Pennsylvania doesn’t issue restraining orders. They do issue protection from abuse orders but I doubt that what is going on with me would meet those requirements. This guy moved to Indiana and that is where the IP address is tracing back to. I thought since it crossed state lines, there should be some federal protection.

In my searches to find out what the laws were, I read the PA statutes on harassment. Seeing as how last year’s phone calls were traced by Comcast, he used his Comcast IP address to send yesterday’s emails and one of those contained “threatening or obscene words,” he will easily be found guilty. In PA, he will be guilty of a misdemeanor of the third degree. When I Googled to find out exactly what that means, if found guilty, the minimum sentence is six months and maximum is one year.

At least his phone and internet access will be limited for awhile.
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6 thoughts on “Get a Life!

  1. Oh for pity sake, Kelly. Our lives with db are complex enough without having this screwball on the fringes.
    Many years ago I left my wallet at the grocery store. The evening of the next day I got a call from a man who said “Kathy, I saw you leaving for work this morning – I liked what you had on”. He had my driver’s license so knew where I lived. I always walked to the bus stop at 6 a.m. and there really weren’t a lot of people on the street. But I was major freaked for many months after that. I got an unlisted number, and always wondered why he never tried to use the credit cards, because I didn’t discover it missing for several hours. Sheesh.
    Well, I hope he leaves you alone.

    • Wow Kathy, what you went thru was extremely scary! I would have been terrified. I had someone call me after being mugged and I spent a couple weeks with my cousin and then moved. I was afraid to stay there. That is strange he didn’t try to use the credit cards. I guess he was more of a pervert than a thief. I talked to the police chief today and he is going to stop by tomorrow to get the emails that came yesterday. He said they would take care of it.

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