Diabetic Barbie

Diabetic BarbieA seven year old girl in Canada would like to convince Mattel to make a Diabetic Barbie. Just think about how awesome that would be for kids. You can help by liking her Facebook page.


Diabetic Barbie
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10 thoughts on “Diabetic Barbie

  1. I would buy one, even though my diabetic daughter is almost 13. I’d display it at home. I love the idea of people seeing the pump on Barbie. My daughter was diagnosed 2 months ago and the thought of having a pump sticking our of her is hard. Will she get teased? Will it be bulky? Will others see the tube? Having a diabetic Barbie can start the process of normalizing diabetes in the general public.

    • 13 is a hard age for kids. I have a real life friend that has a son that was diagnosed almost 3 years at 13. He didn’t want any of his school mates to know about it so he didn’t want a pump that anyone could see the tubes. A lot of people do think that a pump is a pager or phone. Some people wear it under their clothes so no one knows that it is there. I agree with you that having a Diabetic Barbie with a pump would help normalize it to the public though.

  2. This is a great idea as it can so help this diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes who are of the doll-playing age. But i have a question? “Paper” (Implant) or “Plastic”?! As in, will Diabetic Barbie come wIth her own implantable insulin pump, for which she will need a larger wallet, so she can carry the little Bar-coded papers that identify her as having an implanted medical device in her body…or own plastic
    pre-filled syringes? ; > p Stay tuned folks!
    But remember the Implantable Device with Bar-codes and Pre-filled Syringes was my idea! ; >p

    • Cathy, I am guessing she is coming with some sort of pump, implantable or the old fashioned kind. Have to keep in the high tech age! I would like to see her come with a CGMS but Mattel will probably be like insurance companies when it comes to that stuff.

  3. Ya know, I think it’s an awesome idea! If Mattel thinks that it is prudent to do multi-cultural Barbies, so that little girls in those cultures feel included, then why would it be such a stretch for them to do a line of Barbies with ‘disabilities’ (NOT that I think being diabetic is a disability, but the grouping could include SO many conditions, diseases and disabilities into the category) so that little girls who fit into those categories feel included, too? That wee girl is onto something that could definitely increase Mattel’s profit margin…..they should consider that!

    I’d buy one….and it’s been quite a few years since I played with Barbies, too. :oD

    • Hopefully Mattel will consider the profit margin Heather! I would probably buy one to give as a gift. i am sure a lot of us would do that. It would be a big hit, that is for sure.

  4. thank you for sharing this Kelly! This is actually my daughter who asked why there is not a diabetic Barbie out there :o) I appreciate your support!

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