Don’t Even “Think” About Having Pizza!

Police CarLast week was just a tad stressful. I wrote about my stalker making another appearance. I called the police on Wednesday to let them know I had another problem with him. The police officer that I was working with wanted to come by Friday morning. I also had another problem pop up on Thursday that I wasn’t expecting. I want to wait until that gets settled before writing about it online. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep Thursday night and wanted to get up early Friday morning so I could get my shower before he got there.

PizzaBy the time dinner rolled around on Friday, I was exhausted. I thought that this would be a good night to order some pizza. Then I thought because I was so tired, I really didn’t want to have to baby-sit blood sugar all night because of eating pizza. This little debate went on for probably about 45 minutes in my head until I finally decided against it. I really just wanted to go to sleep.

It was probably about 7:30 Friday evening when I went up to bed – that is early for me, even when I am exhausted. I have a dual-alarm that I set one alarm for 7:00 AM and one for 11:00 PM, two of the times that I take Levemir. I made sure the alarm was set and I would wake up at 11 to take my Levemir. The next thing I remember, about 3:00 AM, I heard the Dex beeping at me. At first, I just rolled over and ignored it.  Then I grabbed it to see what it wanted – it said I was high. I don’t remember the exact number, but I was in the 140s.

bedAt first I just put the Dex back and pulled my blankets up over me again. My next thought was, oh crap, I had pizza for dinner and my blood sugar is starting to skyrocket. I grabbed my Apidra pen and took a bigger dose than I would have needed for that 140 because I “thought” I had pizza starting to digest and was going to end up high. As soon as I took the insulin, I realized that I decided not to order that pizza!

I guess if I ever think about ordering pizza again and change my mind, I better put a “you did not eat pizza” sticky on my Apidra pen.
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2 thoughts on “Don’t Even “Think” About Having Pizza!

  1. Argh, there is just so much D-stuff to keep track of and it’s no wonder sometimes we mix up a few details in the middle of the night. Did you end up having to eat a little something to keep from having a non-pizza low from that correction? Love the idea of a big sticker on your pen, that made me smile!!

    • Thanks Karen! I ate some Smarties so that I didn’t crash. I have put stickies on a couple times when I wanted to change my Levemir dose – I would take the old dose without thinking so I use them as a little reminder!

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