Crazy Week: Stalker and Fraud

Last week I wrote about the guy that is stalking me making a reappearance. I wanted to wait a little bit before I said anything about the other stuff going on. He sent two emails a week ago Wednesday and I called the police that day. The next morning when I got up, I logged into my bank account. I was surprised to see a $170 charge to Kohl’s – I don’t shop at Kohl’s. I was on the phone to my credit union as soon as they opened and my card was cancelled.

Police CarIn the meantime, the police officer that I was working with about the stalker called to speak with me that same Thursday morning. I did not even mention the Kohl’s charge because I “thought” it was not related. He wanted to come by Friday morning to take a look at the emails that I had received, so we set up a time for that.

Around 5:30 or so on Thursday afternoon, someone knocked on my door. By the time I got to the door and picked the dog up, no one was at the door, but the UPS truck was in the parking lot and there was a small box sitting in front of my door. I was not expecting anything but kind of pushed the box inside because I was holding the dog so he would not take off. Once I got the door closed, I picked up the box and looked at the label – it was from Kohl’s.

I just about had a heart attack and I literally started to cry. I called my sister first then called my brother because he is the computer wiz in the family. About a week before the two emails came from the stalker, I had a couple come in from his real email address. I use Microsoft Outlook and have the preview pane turned on – there was nothing in the subject line and the email contained a link and nothing else. I deleted them without opening them. I always thought you had to actually open an email for it to cause problems but was now worried that he managed to get something on my computer and got hold of my credit card number.

I emailed my credit union to let them know that the box came. I also let them know that I was already working with the police on a stalking matter and now thought that the charge from Kohl’s had something to do with that. I said that I would call her after the police came Friday morning. Even though the police officer was supposed to come Friday morning, I called him first thing and to let him know about the charge from Kohl’s and the box showing up.

Police shootingWhen he got there, he asked for a knife so he could open the box. Now I am thinking, great I am going to get shot for pulling out a knife on a cop! The box turned out to be three watches. He wanted me to call Kohl’s to see about getting the IP address where the order originated from. He felt that I would be able to do that faster than he could.

After the police officer left, I called my credit union. I was relieved to find out that even though the card was cancelled, it was still possible to process a credit against it. The return instructions from Kohl’s stated that they would only process a credit against the card it was charged on.

I next called Kohl’s. She told me that the fastest way to get the returned processed would be to take it to a Kohl’s store, so we did that last Friday evening. Kohl’s had the IP address but would not release it to me. I called the police officer to let him know that he had to call them.

I was pretty annoyed when I talked to the Kohl’s fraud person. Her theory was that I met some guy on and ordered the watches for him. Apparently men talk women into ordering stuff for them and offer to send them money. She seemed surprised when I said that I don’t use – I did have an account there years ago but it has been quite awhile since I tried the online dating places. She reminded me of doctors that blame you because your blood sugar is high instead of trying to figure out what the actual cause is Fortunately, I don’t have to rely on Kohl’s to solve this case!

I use Vipre Internet Security on my computer. When it was time to renew last year, I picked them because they were supposed to be the best. I was obviously worried that the stalker guy managed to get a keylogger program on my computer. I called Vipre the night the box came and they had me download Malwarebytes to run. That didn’t pick up anything so I also downloaded Spybot and Trend Micro – neither of those picked up anything either. I read that the keylogger programs are hard to detect.

When I called Vipre back a second the time, I practically had to force the guy to log into my computer to look. He opened something up and did not bother to scroll down to look and see what was there, but announced nothing was there. They sent me several emails about doing a customer satisfaction survey and asked to let them know if there was a problem so I emailed them to let them know the guy didn’t bother to look.

At this point, I don’t know if there is anything there or not, but don’t tell me nothing is there if you can’t bother to look to see if there is or not. After I emailed Vipre to let them know I was “disappointed” in what that particular customer service person did, I get another email asking me to agree to allow them to tap into my computer and holding them harmless if they damage anything. I am not going to agree to that when they did not ask me to do that two days earlier nor was I asked to do that back in January when I had a problem. Needless to say, I am looking for different firewall software even though I have six months remaining on my current subscription.

Yesterday, I found out that the stalker had prior fraud charges brought against him. I am pretty convinced that it was the stalker that ordered the watches – I was convinced of that a week ago when I opened my door to see that box from Kohl’s.
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6 thoughts on “Crazy Week: Stalker and Fraud

  1. That whole thing’s CREEPY!! But what bothers me the most is that those companies who take your money with the promise to protect you and do business honestly and competently with you are not only falling down on the job, but seem to be trying to make things as difficult as possible. All the regulations about what they won’t do, and then the stupid things they WILL do. AAARRRGGGHHH!

    I hope you arrive an end to this stupid harassment as soon as possible!

    Natalie ._c-

    • It is very creepy Natalie! There doesn’t seem to be much “protection” going on from these companies. If it wasn’t this creep that got hold of my card, then that means one of the companies I used online was hacked into – there seems to be a lot of that going around also. Nothing is safe anymore.

      Thanks Natalie – I hope it is straightened out soon also.

  2. Wow Kelly – personally if I’d had that many probs as you have already. I basically would take the hard drive – toss it in the garbage (or as hubby is saying – run it thru’ a band saw a couple of times). His other suggestion is to not back up anything – if stalker is already in your PC – then that’s the only way out of your situation. DH’s other suggestion – get a MAC – that’s what he wants to do with me next – as I’m always having to bug him when I have probs with my netbook or desktop.

    I can’t get over how protection goes for Americans in the USA. I know your banking system is different then ours (we have more protection as the consumer) – but when it comes to your credit card being stopped – the fact that the ability to still charge can be done on it despite that is wild (I had similar probs back in Dec – but once bank was notified- that was it – no charges could be made against it).

    Hoping things go better for you! Off for a stroll on the beach walk I go (one more day of my seaside holiday – then back to cold Canada – waaahhhh – my blood sugars have been so good over the holidays – no stress). Psst, how are your blood sugars holding up during all of this?

    • Anna, I am hoping that I can salvage my computer – I can’t afford a new one! Although when I have to replace it, I am also considering a MAC. I haven’t had the problems that you have had with mine, but it still enough to be tired of them.

      They won’t allow anyone to put new charges on the card once it is cancelled, but someone can give me a credit on it.

      I am glad you are enjoying your vacation! Did you get to see Mickey yet? You can’t go to FL without seeing Mickey! I should have taken some pics of my Dex this week – BS has been quite the roller coaster!

      • No Mickey this time (we didn’t go up to Orlando this time). I was hoping to get to DRI here in Miami – but 5 days have just flown by. We are planning on next holidays just skipping the floating city bit (cruise ship) and doing a land based tour instead.

        When we had to cancel a card a few years ago – and we had to get a credit back on it – we had a cheque given to us – as here in Canada – once the credit card is cancelled – no further transactions can be done. Banking practices, online protection varies from country to country.

        Off to the beach for one final walk before we head to MIA airport for our flight out this afternoon. Sipping on my morning espresso here under the shade of a palm tree – am going to miss this little place we are staying at in Sobe.

      • That would be hard to choose between DRI and Mickey Anna! Vacations always fly by too fast.

        I thought that I would have to wait for a check and was very surprised when my credit union said that a credit could still be processed.

        Hopefully you aren’t flying into freezing weather back home. I know you are a lot further north than I am, but weather in PA isn’t too bad right now. Just have a light jacket on when I take the dogs out. Probably could get away without that if I put warmer clothes on!

        I hope you have a safe trip back home Anna!

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