I Am Moving

I decided to move my site over to DiabetesBlogs.com, a blogging service hosted by Diabetes Daily. It uses a WordPress platform so although some things will be different, some will also be the same. I have been working the last week to get things moved over and set-up and I am ready to point my domain over there. The site is not 100% finished, but close enough to make the move. I need to get a header up. Several of my posts had slideshows in and the new platform uses a different slideshow feature so I need to fix those posts yet.

One thing that will change because of the move, email subscriptions will no long work.  People currently signed up to receive posts by email will have to re-sign up with the new service. I decided to use Feedburner for that. You can sign up here or use the link on the sidebar of the new site. The RSS feed for readers “should” work. I can’t actually test that until I point the servers to the new site.

My plan is to point the servers later today or tomorrow morning – I have to coordinate that with DiabetesBlogs.com because I don’t have the information I need to make that change. Right before I point the domain over there, I will send an “I am leaving” post from here and an “I am here” post from the new site. I will do a regular post Wednesday morning (hopefully). If things aren’t showing up in your readers, you know something isn’t working right. They also say that it can take 48-72 hours for the internet to catch up. Things should go seamlessly, but I always seem to take the scenic route. I can’t say life is boring!

Utz chipsIf you want a peak at the new site, you can do that here. If you do take a peak, “home” and other links will bring you back here.  Once I point the servers over there, the name will revert back to kellywpa.com. My original plan was to ask people not to comment over there but then I thought that would be like putting a bag of Utz chips in front of me and telling me not to touch them!  I put up an “under construction” post at the top so if you want to comment there, please use that one until I am live.

Cross your fingers for me!

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