I Made It!

Alien DancingThis is the first post from my new home at DiabetessBlogs.com. Things will get back to normal tomorrow, hopefully. I am planning to write my Blog Carnival post – nothing like waiting until the last minute.


4 thoughts on “I Made It!

  1. Just curious… what does this platform give you that WordPress doesn’t — other than the immediate recognition that the blog is D-related? Only reason I ask is because I just started a blog on WordPress at the beginning of the month, and seeing others – a couple on DiabetesBlogs.com, most on Blogger/Blogspot, and I’m wondering if I made a mistake.

    Either way, congratulation on the move and the effort it must have taken to do it. I’m learning how much dedication it takes to run one of these things… 🙂

    • Hi Scott, first congratulations on starting your own blog! I saw you had a blog link in a comment on someone else’s blog about a week ago and set yours up in Google Reader but am behind reading. I wanted to get there and congratulate you!

      This is actually a WordPress platform here so there are some things here that are the same. The big reason that I thought about moving it here was the D-related factor. I do like WordPress and had my blog there for 2 years. Over on WP, they are starting an infinite scroll and there was some debate going on about that. I really didn’t want that on my blog so figured now was just as good a time as any. I guess that was the little push I needed to get me moving on the move.

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