Monday night after dinner, I felt like I was going low so decided to test my blood sugar.

Blood sugar 48


Yup, I was low so I grabbed some Smarties. After I ate the Smarties, I still felt weird so decided to grab some more. Normally I don’t have problems with lows after dinner unless I eat something I am not used to eating. My crash times are usually in the mornings so dropping low caught me off guard. After I ate the extra Smarties, I thought that I shouldn’t have done that and now I am going to end up high.


I was trying to work on something so was sitting at my computer and I started getting really tired. I started thinking my blood sugar must be getting high. I was starting to zone out and wasn’t even thinking about a time-concept and that I wouldn’t have been high that fast. Even though I was out of it, I kept thinking that was because I was tired.

I don’t know what made me decide to grab the meter again, but I did. I was actually expecting to see a high number come up. After I put the strip in the meter, I even thought that I should go wash my hands because I hadn’t washed my hands since I ate the Smarties. The meter would show higher than I really was. Let’s just say I was very surprised when I saw what came up on my meter:

Blood sugar 29


I guess I didn’t need to worry about washing my hands!

After things started getting back to normal, I was cold and realized that I was all sweaty so went and changed clothes. I went to make some tea and couldn’t find my cup. I eventually found it in the microwave. I do remember trying to make tea but not sure at what point I did that. I couldn’t get the microwave to work and gave up on it. I have no idea what I was hitting.

There were 44 minutes between the 48 and the 29. I hate to think about what would have happened if I did not eat those extra Smarties. Sometimes it does pay to over treat!

8 thoughts on “Crash

    • Kathy, gastroparesis could have played a part in it, but I had my normal liquid dinner that night. I did come out of it pretty fast compared to some of the other zonked out lows that I have had in the past though.

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