Vampire Day

CoffinI am going to see Count or Countess Dracula this morning and get some blood drawn and I don’t wanna go! January was a very bad BS month with all the Levemir problems. I was hoping to get some more time behind me before having an A1c done. I “thought” my appointment was at the end of the month but looked at my calendar over the weekend and realized it was this week. Ugh! They say that the last month weighs the heaviest on the A1c, but I am expecting it to be up.

They are also checking my Vitamin D. Mine has been stuck at 32 forever and I know that needs to come up. My cholesterol is usually only out of whack when my thyroid is out of whack so I am not really worried about that. My Vitamin B levels are normally above range, so that is a good thing. It is just that blasted A1c that I am worried about.

The doctor I see gives me a slip to go for labs quarterly and I didn’t go the second half of last year. When I was there right after Christmas, the nurse gave me the one for the annual stuff but not the quarterly ones – I had to ask for that. I guess she thought I didn’t want to do them since I had skipped a couple. If I don’t do these, she will throw something at me.  I know that I need to get back on track going quarterly, but I would rather wait until May!


2 thoughts on “Vampire Day

  1. I’ve had those “oh cr-p, I’ve got an endo appointment next week, I need to get my labs done NOW!” moments. (I get my lab slips from my doctor months in advance, and he asks me to go about a week before my next appointment so he has something to review). The worst is when they need to be fasting labs, and there’s no time before work to get them done. Hope you’re A1C ends up being a pleasant surprise!

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