Alternative Site Testing

AccuChek Multiclix LancetWhen I went for my vampire draw on Tuesday, the tech that pulled my blood seemed surprised that I wanted to use my finger to test my blood sugar. I actually had the same conversation about a year ago with a nurse practitioner when I went to a walk-in clinic for a UTI. That NP saw my fingertips and asked why I didn’t use the alternative site testing. He didn’t know that you shouldn’t use alternate sites when your BS is moving rapidly. He said that is something that the sales reps don’t bother to tell you.

I can sort of understand why a lab technician might not know that the there is a lag time to other sites than your fingertip, but the NP should have known that. He was apparently meeting with sales reps about diabetes stuff so obviously had diabetic patients. I know sales reps tend to point out the good things about something but if you are recommending something to your patients, shouldn’t you take time to learn about it?

In fairness, if it weren’t for the DOC, I might not know that nice little fact either but I am not a medical professional recommending stuff. When I first started getting meters with the alternative site testing stuff in, I really had no desire to use other areas. Out of curiosity, I dug out my little Aviva manual because the AccuChek Multiclix lancet does do alternative site testing but I never kept the little attachment for that.

Sure enough, there is a warning in the manual about using it when your BS might be changing.

Alternate Site Testing


2 thoughts on “Alternative Site Testing

  1. The ads make me nuts. My 90 yr old uncle who recently died, had diabetes. His grandson was visiting us and stated that he’d heard that his grandfather wouldn’t have to stick his finger with newer meters. He wanted his grandfather to stop feeling the pain. I gently explained and he was so disappointed.

    • Sorry about your uncle Colleen. The sad part is that so many people like your uncle’s grandson see those ads and believe them. I can see why he would be disappointment because he wanted to do something nice for his grandfather.

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