Doctor, A1c and Moving Bugs

DoctorI had my doctor’s appointment Friday morning. When he picked up the lab work, I told him that my A1c would be up because of the bad insulin problems that I had back in January. The A1c was on the second page and when he got to that, he said, “your A1c.” Then he stopped and turned towards me with the best very mean look on his face that he could do. I was sitting there not sure if he was messing around or it was really bad. I was expecting really bad. Then he said that it was 5.7! Whew!

I was really worried because I knew I had a lot of highs in there. My average from my readings for the period covered by the A1c was actually 126.2 but my standard deviation was 62.3. That’s a lot of bouncing around. Good for me is about 28-30. Not even close!  Like most people, I wait to test again when I know I am high. I test a lot when I know I am low.  Testing more when low and not when high helps make the average look lower than it really is.

I also told him that the Levemir people had asked me if I had talked to him when I had the insulin problem. He said, “Did you tell them that I said that I am not the manufacturer.” Of course I did not tell them that because I did not call him about the problem. I told him what I told them and that was if I had talked to him, he would probably tell me to replace the insulin. If I ever have an insulin problem in the future, I have an answer from him if they ask me if I talked to my doctor.

I tested my Aviva meter when I did the labs and I am extremely disappointed in that. When I tested at the lab, the meter had me at 134. The lab draw was 119. That falls within the 20% range, but I am use to testing it and it being only a couple points off, not 15. There have been times that I felt low but wasn’t on the meter. When I got that meter (a replacement from AccuChek back in December), it did read higher than an old one I had for a backup but the old one was also bouncing all over the place. Guess I can’t trust that meter.  That is also another reason that my A1c was lower than expected – my meter is running 15 points higher than I really am.

Jelly BeansWe went shopping after my appointment and they had jelly beans out. I like to have a treat day when I have a doctor’s appointment and these jelly beans were screaming “pick me, pick me” so I did. I like the red and black ones the best so figured I would get a bag of the red.

Last week I read about a meter that rated highest in some studies in the Integrated Diabetes Services newsletter. The meter is Nova Max Plus. The AccuChek Aviva tied for second place. The Nova Max website didn’t mention anything about software available to transfer readings to your computer (that is a very important feature for me) so I contacted them. They did email back that they have a cable available and it works with Windows XP but not Windows 7, which I have. I am thinking about trying to figure out how to do a dual-boot so I can try the meter.

I “thought” everything was working OK after I moved my site over. As my mother used to say, you know what a thought did one day! On Tuesday, I logged into my Google Webmaster’s account. I logged in several times right after I moved and things were working so I quit checking. Mistake! There were bounce errors galore.

As soon as I looked at the list, I realized what the problem was but I didn’t know what caused it. The list all contained words that had an apostrophe in. When I first started blogging, I just left the URL as what WordPress created from the title. At one point, I went to copy the link and it copied as garbled junk. It didn’t look garbled on WordPress but did other sites. After that, I started to shorten the titles and make sure they did not have anything but words in.

One of the problem URLs that Google could not find was my article on Dupuytren’s Contracture. When I went to pull it up, even the link on my archive listing was bad. Apparently during the import, the new WordPress deleted the apostrophes in URLs. That of course created problems with all the links. I had to click on the over 300 links in my archive list to see which ones didn’t work, find the article and put the right link in. What fun!

In the process of trying to create a new sitemap for Google, I also discovered that my email for my domain no longer worked. It worked right after the move so I am not sure when it stopped. That not working also meant my contact form on my blog did not work.

I think I have all that stuff fixed, but I thought that before also and it wasn’t!

4 thoughts on “Doctor, A1c and Moving Bugs

  1. That A1C sounds like a pleasant surprise! Even if you know your standard deviation is something like eight million, it’s nice to know that you’ve done a little better than you thought.

    I like your doctor’s response to “the Levemir people”. Every time a TV commercial instructs viewers to “ask your doctor if this-newfangled-stuff is right for you”, I bet a doctor reconsiders his career choice.

    As for meters, I used to use the BD meter (the predecessor to the NovaMax) and found the results to be wildly inconsistent from one test to the next – so much so that I dumped the meter in favor of one that didn’t talk to my pump. So as much as I’d like to go back to using the smaller, less-blood NovaMax strips, I just don’t trust those results.

    • Thanks Scott! The A1c was a very pleasant surprise – I really wasn’t expecting it. I liked his response to the Levemir people too. I am sure they do want to change careers when people start bombarding them with questions after an ad appears on TV.

      I didn’t realize that the BD meter was the predecessor to the NovaMax. That is good to know that you found the results inconsistent. Maybe I will just spring for a new Aviva meter since my other ones always worked pretty good.

  2. I find I’m not as happy with a “good” A1C when I know my blood sugars have been bouncing around a lot. I have my appointment next week and I’m fully expecting a much higher A1C because I have been struggling lately. We’ll see how that goes – but even if it isn’t higher I know I have some work to do.

    Sorry about all of the problems with your site. Hope you can get everything all fixed up soon!!

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