Green Eggs and Ham

Four leaf clover border

Since tomorrow is St. Patty’s Day, I thought I would wish everyone a nice green weekend!

Pig LeprechaunI can’t say that I have ever had green eggs, but I did have green chicken and dumplings when I was in college. College kids will eat anything!

For a little Saint Patrick’s Day trivia, did you know that Saint Patrick wasn’t even born in Ireland? He was actually born in Scotland. When he was about 14, he was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave. He started praying to God during his captivity. After about 6 years, he was able to escape and make his way home. He then went on to study for priesthood and returned to Ireland. If you would like to read more about Saint Patrick, you can read more here.

I guess I got my love of music from my Irish heritage. I was looking for a good video of  Celtic Thunder’s Ireland’s Call and found Take Me Home instead.  After I put the link for Take Me Home in this post, someone uploaded a decent version of Ireland’s Call so I decided just to put both.  Most of the videos of Ireland’s Call were pretty crappy and did not do justice to that song.  I figure there is never enough music so it won’t hurt to have two videos!

 Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!


Take Me Home:


Ireland’s Call:


2 thoughts on “Green Eggs and Ham

  1. Great music. St Paul has a huge SP parade and celebration (well, drinking celebration) starting early in the morning. Thankfully, all public transportation is free for the day.
    And yes, Scott did eat the treat – but it was actually a bagel with cream cheese. Mikey had the raspberry danish, after having wild rice soup in a bread bowl.
    Glad I was in charge of the camera – nobody was gonna photograph what I ate.

    • Thanks Kathy! Sounds like a fun day with free transportation. At least people won’t have to worry about drinking green beer and driving! It looked like a donut to me but bagels are good also! I will have to keep the camera trick in mind so that no one can take a picture of what I eat!

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