I Bought a New Meter Today

AccuChek Aviva BoxAfter I was at the doctors on the 9th and found out that my meter was 15 points off, I decided to buy a new meter when I was shopping today.





I wasn’t sure if I should treat a low or do the happy dance because I was in the 80s.

AccuChek Aviva

The 69 was on the meter that tested 15 points higher than the lab. That meter also runs higher than my really old meter that started to be inconsistent. I had a feeling that the higher meter was going to be off when I tested it at the lab.

When I picked up the box, I was happy to see that I was getting a new “black” lancet. Even though I lose the black ones on my desk, I like that color better than the blue ones, and most of the ones I seem to get are blue. When I ordered strips in Jan, I also ordered a new lancet and they shipped me a blue one. After I pulled the lancet I got today out of the box, I realized that it was not the Multiclix lancet but they apparently have a new FastClix lancet that also uses drums. Unfortunately, the drums are different sizes so not interchangeable. I got new lancets in October and my box of 18 Multiclix drums is about a year’s supply so I won’t be order FastClix lancets anytime soon.

MultiClix and FastClix Lancets

Originally, I was not going to bother calling Roche about the problem with the meter being high at the lab but now that I bought yet an even higher meter, I decided to call them. The 15 points off at the lab actually was within the 20% allowable margin of error but I want something better than that 20%. Being 15 points higher was bad enough but having something even higher is not acceptable.

It was an interesting conversation to say the least! When I tried to tell her about the old meter I have that is inconsistent, she wanted to ask questions about that one too. I had to tell her a couple times that I really did not want that one replaced. That one is past warranty and I feel I got my money’s worth out of it. Most of the serial number on the bottom of the meter is rubbed off. Then she said she would just send a label so I could send it back and I said I wasn’t giving it up!

As far as the other two meters, she asked a bunch of the usual questions. I had to give her lot numbers from the strips I had used. They are replacing both vials of strips also. If they wanted them back, I didn’t care. One vial I did just open to put in the new meter, but the other vial only has about 10 strips left in it. I did not feel right about accepting a new vial for that one but she said that they have to do that. She said if I didn’t want to use them, I obviously did not have to but they will be in the box.

The one question I thought was funny was when she asked about the timing of testing at the lab. I understand the one of when I tested compared to when they took my blood – I do that as soon as they stick the bandaid on. I have seen people say they test before they leave the house and they think that is comparing with the lab – I know to test at the same time. But the funny question was asking me when the lab tested out their little containers they put the blood in. I have no way to know that. It was a hospital lab so one would think they know the proper procedures for testing blood.

We also had the control solution talk. I think that stuff is just crap. The range is way too wide and I take my meters to the lab to test them,

They are replacing the meter I tested at the lab and the one I bought today. Hopefully, the new ones work. With all the allergy problems I am having, I am starting to wonder if something in my DNA changed that AccuChek meters just don’t work for me anymore. I hope that is not the case!



8 thoughts on “I Bought a New Meter Today

  1. What was is back in the diabetes dinosaur age? 10 drops of water and 5 drops of urine that where placed inside of the glass test tube then followed by the Clinitest tablet ? It will be 36 years for me this July and yes thank goodness we have come along way!

  2. Yeah – I’m in agreement with Joanna. I’ve heard from certain T1D’s about the inaccuracy of blood meters over the year (I use a FreeStyle Lite) – and personally am happy with whatever I use – that makes me test my blood sugars – despite it perhaps not being that accurate. Before BG meters came available to the general public at home – the accuracy of urine testing – well – not great – but it worked then back for us. With 45 years of T1D under my belt – and no major complications – must be doing something right!

    BTW, I am about to post a blog about a gal I met up last night with – who read my blog about the FreeStyle InsuLinx – http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog/2011/11/23 . She’s going to write up a review of her feelings on it for me to post. It’s relatively new to the North American market – so she was saying it’s difficult to get correct technical answers to her burning questions – but she’s finding it very helpful.

    • Anna, I agree that it is better to have a meter that is inaccurate than nothing at all. You would think with all the technology that is out there, they could do a better job.

      I will check out your blog. Thanks for sharing the link. I like reading reviews on new stuff!

  3. I remember my first meter was an Accu- Check. It was made of metal, tan in color and the size of a brick!
    Meter’s may run different but it sure beats the days when there where NO meters at all, they just did not exist.

  4. I wish meters were more accurate too, but if they are within 20% that’s the current allowable standard so both meters were technically working. Until standards change, there will always be results like this that we don’t like.

    • Thanks Sara! I didn’t call about the first one because I knew it was within the 20% margin of error. Hopefully they will change the standards, for the better. I did hear rumblings that the FDA was supposedly changing them but I don’t think it was changing by very much.

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